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Computer Graphics and Human Computer Interaction

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Academic Research
Theories and Applications of Concurrent and Real-Time Systems
Principles of Software Technology
Computer Graphics and Human Computer Interaction
Parallel Algorithm and Parallel Software


Our research work covers Computer Graphics and Human Computer Interaction. In Computer Graphics, we focus on realistic image synthesis, real time rendering of large and complex virtual environments, information representation and imaging, and physically-based animation. In Human Computer Interaction, we are interested in investigation on natural interaction between users and computer, especially ink understanding, multimodal and context-aware interaction.

Research Topics

  • Computer Graphics
  • Realistic Image Synthesis and Visualization Technology
  • Photorealistic Graphics and Applications to Virtual Reality
  • Human Computer Interaction and Applications
  • Theory and Applications of Real-time Intelligence

Current Projects

Name Person Time Type
Theory of Intelligent Informaton Processing of Human-computer Interaction : A Cognitive Science Viewpoint Guozhong DAI 2008.01-2011.12 NSFC-Guangdong Joint Key Programme, Principal Investigator
Presentation of Hyper-virtual Hybrid Environments Enhua WU 2009.01-2013.12 973 Programme, Principal Investigator
Interaction Techniques and Interfaces Supporting Virtual and Real Hybrid Environments Hongan WANG 2009.01-2013.12 973 Programme, Participant
Physics Oriented Virtual Scene Modelling and Real-time Computing Enhua WU, Wencheng WANG 2009.01-2012.12 NSFC Key Programme, Principal Investigator
Real-time Ray Tracing of Large-scale Dynamic Scenes Jing LI 2009.01-2011.12 NSFC General Programme, Principal Investigator
Approximating Algorithm, Parameter Searching, Discrete Fréchet Distance and Its Applications Binhai ZHU, Wencheng WANG 2010.01-2011.12 NSFC Joint Research Fund for Overseas Chinese Scholars and Scholars in Hong Kong and Macao, Principal Investigator

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