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At its starting time, SKLCS (known as the Laboratory of Computer Science at that time) bought a SUN server and six SUN workstations, with the support from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). In 2000, SKLCS bought a Sun E450 server. In 2001, the Chinese Academy of Sciences allocated $150,000 for SKLCS to renew its facilities. With this financial support, SKLCS purchased a Sun E4500 server and a number of Sun workstations, as well as some advanced networking equipments. After that, SKLCS also purchased a number of PCs and established a public PC network.

In early 2005, the Ministry of Science and Technology of China (MOST) approved the construction of the State Key Laboratory of Computer Science. Hence, SKLCS get amply financial supports from MOST and ISCAS. SKLCS further renewed its computers and networking equipments. In order to fulfill the requirements of high-performance computing with a huge amount of data and to better support the research activities in the laboratory, SKLCS purchased two computing servers IBM x3755 (which has a 4-way dual-core processor and 128GB memory) and IBM x366, and two HP ML370 G5. These servers not only can meet the computing requirements of the SKLCS researchers, but also can provide services for researchers from outside of the laboratory.

In order to better meet the requirements of the research and development of some advanced parallel algorithms, SKLCS also purchased the IBM blade cluster with the pick speed over three hundred billion times per second. The cluster consists of 10 blades, with 8 pieces of JS21, 1 piece of HS21, and 1 piece of LS21 in each blade, and the blades are connected by an Infiniband high-speed network. In addition, the cluster fully utilizes the characteristics that multiple types of processors can be used at the same time, with 40 dual-core processors (issued in 2006). The blade cluster is also open to researchers for outside of the laboratory.

For the data storage, SKLCS bought a 2T storage disk array as the storage server, which can provide a high-storage and high-speed computing platform for researchers. SKLCS also purchased a Cisco firewall to increase network security. Finally, SKLCS also bought Cisco wireless networking acess points to provide free use of Internet for the whole laboratory.


  • HP ML370 G5
  • IBM System p5 51A, IBM System p5 52A
  • IBM x366, IBM x3650, IBM x3755, IBM P720
  • Blade server: IBM BladeCenter JS21, IBM HS21, IBM HS22, IBM LS21
  • Rack-mounted servers: Dawning I620r-F, Dawning I840, Dawning I950
  • GPU Parallel Computing Server

Blade Cluster System

  • Dawning S4800A1
  • IBM BladeCenter H Chassis


  • DELL 490, DELL 670, DELL Precision T7500

Storage equipments

  • IBM DS4300 Disk Array
  • IBM 3581 Tape AutoLoader

Networking equipments

  • Cisco PIX-525-UR-GE-BUN Fireware
  • Cisco WS-C4506 Switchs

Professional tools

  • Optech ILRIS-36D 3-Dimension Measurement Device
  • VIVID 9103-Dimension Digitization Device


  • MathWorks MATLAB Network Licensing
  • MapleSoft Maple Network Licensing
  • Wolfram Mathematica Network Licensing
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate

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