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  1. Feng Tian,Fei Lu,Yingying Jiang,Xiaolong(Luke) Zhang,Xiang Cao,Guozhong Dai,Hongan Wang, An exploration of pen tail gestures for interactions,International Journal of Human-Computer Studies,Vol.71, No.5, p.551-569,CCF A
  2. Chang-ai Sun,Yi Meng Zhai,Yan Shang,Zhenyu Zhang,BPELDebuger: An effective BPEL-specific fault localization framework,Information and Software Technology , 55(12): 2140-2153,CCF B
  3. Heng Wu, ,Wenbo Zhang,Jianhua Zhang,Jun Wei,Tao Huang,A benefit-aware on-demand provisioning approach for multi-tier applications in cloud computing,Frontiers of Computer Science ,Vol.7 No.4 2013 pp.459-474,CCF C
  4. Lei Zhao,Zhenyu Zhang, Lina Wang,Xiaodan Yin,A fault localization framework to alleviate the impact of execution similarity, International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering,23(7): 963-998,CORE B
  5. Andreas Griesmayer,Zhiming Liu, Charles Morisset,Shuling Wang,A framework for automated and certified refinement steps,Innovations System Software Engineer,9,1,3-16,N
  6. Jian Xu,Zhenyu Zhang,W. K. Chan,T. H. Tse,A general noise-reduction framework for fault localization of Java programs,Information and Software Technology,55(5): 880-896,CCF B
  7. Li Bixin,Sun Xiaobing,Leung Hareton,Zhang Sai,a survey of code-based change impact analysis techniques,SOFTWARE TESTING VERIFICATION & RELIABILITY,23,8,613-646,N
  8. Yuan Feng,Lijun Zhang,A Tighter Bound for the Self-Stabilization Time in Herman's Algorithm,Information Processing Letters, 113(13):486-488,CCF C
  9. Gang Sun,Shuhui Wang,Xuehui Liu,Qingming Huang,Yanyun Chen,Enhua Wu,Accurate and efficient cross-domain visual matching leveraging multiple feature representations,The Visual Computer ,29(6-8), pp565-575.,CCF C
  10. Georgios Barmpalias,Algorithmic randomness and measures of complexity ,Bulletin of Symbolic logic,19(3):318-350 ,N
  11. Kang Qinma,He Hong,Wei Jun,an effective iterated greedy algorithm for reliability-oriented task allocation in distributed computing systems,JOURNAL OF PARALLEL AND DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING,73,8,1106-1115,CCF B
  12. Yongjian Li,Jun Pang,An inductive approach to strand spaces,Formal Aspects of Computing,25,4,465-501,CCF B
  13. Georgios Barmpalias,Rupert Holzl,Andrew E.M. Lewis,Wolfgang Merkle,Analogues of Chaitin's Omega in the computably enumerable sets ,Information Processing Letters , 113(5-6):171-178,CCF C
  14. Sun Xiaobing,Li Bixin,Wen Wanzhi,Zhang Sai,analyzing impact rules of different change types to support change impact analysis,INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SOFTWARE ENGINEERING AND KNOWLEDGE ENGINEERING,23,3,259-288,CORE B
  15. Cao Zhengcai,Zhao Huidan,Wang Yongji,anfis and sa based approach to prediction, scheduling, and performance evaluation for semiconductor wafer fabrication,CHINESE JOURNAL OF ELECTRONICS,22,1,25-30,N
  16. Jian Zhu,Youquan Liu,Yuanzhang Chang,Enhua Wu,Animating Turbulent Water by Vortex Shedding in PIC/FLIP,Science in China F: Information Sciences,56(3),pp1-11,CCF B
  17. Alessio Lomuscio,Ben Strulo,Nigel G. Walker,Peng Wu,Assume-Guarantee Verification with Local Specifications,International Journal on Foundations of Computer Science,24(4): 419-444,CORE B
  18. Lei Song, Lijun Zhang,Jens C. Godskesen,Flemming Nielson,Bisimulations Meet PCTL Equivalences for Probabilistic Automata,Logical Methods in Computer Science,9(2), 2013,CCF C
  19. Jingzheng Wu,Liping Ding,Yanjun Wu,Nasro Min-Allah,Samee U. Khan,Yongji Wang,C2Detector: A Covert Channel Detection Framework in Cloud Computing.,Security and Communication Networks,2013. (Accepted, Published Online,SCI, EI,CCF C
  20. Gao Jian-Hua,clausal presentation of theories in deduction modulo,JOURNAL OF COMPUTER SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY,28,6,1085-1096,CCF B
  21. Shandong Wang,Ziyang Ma,,Xuehui Liu,Yanyun Chen,Coherence-enhancing line drawing for color images,SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences,56(11),1-11,CCF B
  22. Yongjian Li,William N. N. Hung,Xiaoyu Song,Combining Symmetry Reduction with Generalized Symbolic Trajectory Evaluation, The Computer Journal,Published online: January 17, 2013,CORE A*
  23. Xi Liu,Shaofa Yang,Jeff Sanders,Compensation by design,Formal Aspects of Computing,CCF B
  24. Qin Shu,Zongyan Qiu,Shuling Wang,Confinement framework for encapsulating objects,Frontiers of Computer Science,7,2,236-256,CCF C
  25. Wang Tao,Wei Jun,Qin Feng,Zhang WenBo,Zhong Hua,Huang Tao,detecting performance anomaly with correlation analysis for internetware,Science China Information Sciences,56,8,1-15,CCF B
  26. Wencheng Wang,Miao Hua,Extracting dominant texture in real time with multi-scale hue-saturation-intensity histograms, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, Vol.22, No.11, p.4237-4248,CCF A
  27. Li Bixin,Sun Xiaobing,Keung Jacky,fca-cia: an approach of using fca to support cross-level change impact analysis for object oriented java programs,INFORMATION AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY,55,8,1437-1449,CCF B
  28. Feifei Ma,Jian Zhang,,,Finding orthogonal latin squares using finite model searching tools,SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences,56(3): 032112: 1-9,CCF B
  29. Liang Zhao,Shuling Wang,Zhiming Liu,Graph-Based Object-Oriented Hoare Logic,Theories of Programming and Formal Methods,8051, pp.374-393,N
  30. Zhou Xiang-Dong,Wang Da-Han,Tian Feng,Liu Cheng-Lin,Nakagawa Masaki,handwritten chinese/japanese text recognition using semi-markov conditional random fields,IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON PATTERN ANALYSIS AND MACHINE INTELLIGENCE,35,10,2413-2426,CCF A
  31. Huang Kai,Ma De,Yan Rong-jie,Ge Hai-tong,Yan Xiao-lang,high throughput vlsi architecture for h.264/avc context-based adaptive binary arithmetic coding (cabac) decoding, UNIVERSITY-SCIENCE C-COMPUTERS & ELECTRONICS,14,6,449-463,N
  32. Kang Qinma,He Hong,honeybee mating optimization algorithm for task assignment in heterogeneous computing systems,INTELLIGENT AUTOMATION AND SOFT COMPUTING,19,1,69-84,N
  33. Peng Liu,Jigang Wu,Yongji Wang,Hybrid Algorithms for Hardware/Software Partitioning and Scheduling on Reconfigurable Devices,Mathematical and Computer Modelling,58(1-2), 409-420,SCI, EI收录,N
  34. Guo Jianwei,Yan Dong-Ming,Li Er,Dong Weiming,Wonka Peter,Zhang Xiaopeng,illustrating the disassembly of 3d models,COMPUTERS & GRAPHICS-UK,37,6,574-581,CCF C
  35. Xiaohui Bie,Wencheng Wang,Hanqiu Sun,Haoda Huang,Minying Zhang,Intent-aware image cloning,The Visual Computer,Vol.29, No.6-8, p.599-608,CCF C
  36. Guofu Xie,Xin Sun,Wencheng Wang,Interactive Depth-of-Field Rendering with Secondary Rays,Journal of Computer Science and Technology,Vol.28, No.3, p.490-498,CCF B
  37. George Barmpalias,Angsheng Li,Kolmogorov complexity and computably enumerable sets,Ann. Pure Appl. Logic ,164(12): 1187-1200,CCF C
  38. Yadang Chen,Chuanyan Hao,Zhongmou Cai,Wen Wu,Enhua Wu,Live Accurate and Dense Reconstruction from a Handheld Camera,Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds,24(3-4),pp387-397,CCF C
  39. Hantao Zhang,Jian Zhang,MACE4 and SEM: A Comparison of Finite Model Generators,Automated Reasoning and Mathematics,101-130,N
  40. Ma Yinglong,Lu Ke,Zhang Ying,Jin Beihong,measuring ontology information by rules based transformation,KNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS,50,,234-245,CCF C
  41. Wencheng Wang,Guofu Xie,Memory-Efficient Single-Pass GPU Rendering of Multi-fragment Effects,IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics,Vol.19, No.8, p. 1307-1316,CCF A
  42. Yang Gao,Ming Xu, Naijun Zhan,Lijun Zhang,Model-checking Conditional CSL for Continuous-time Markov Chains,Information Processing Letters,113(1-2):44-50,N
  43. Bo Jiang, K. Zhai,W. K. Chan,T. H. Tse, Zhenyu Zhang,On the Adoption of MC/DC and Control-Flow Adequacy for a Tight Integration of Program Testing and Statistical Fault Localization,Information and Software Technology, 55(5): 897-917,CCF B
  44. Georgios Barmpalias,Martijn Baartse,On the gap between trivial and nontrivial initial segment prefix-free complexity ,Theory of Computing Systems, 52:28-47,CCF C
  45. Sheng Bin,Meng Weiliang,Sun Hanqiu,Wu Wen,Wu Enhua,perception-motivated multiresolution rendering on sole-cube maps,Multimedia Tools and Applications,,,1-22,CCF C
  46. De Ma, Rongjie Yan,Kai Huang,Min Yu,Haitong Ge,Xiaolang Yan,Ahmed Jerraya,Performance Estimation Techniques with MPSoC Transaction-Accurate Model,IEEE Transaction on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems,Vol. 32(12):1920-1933 ,CCF B
  47. Xiulei Qin,Wei Wang,Wenbo Zhang,Jun Wei,Xin Zhao,Hua Zhong,Tao Huang,PRESC2: Efficient Self-Reconfiguration of Cache Strategies for Elastic Caching Platforms,Springer Computing,publised online,N
  48. Cao Ping,Dong Zhao,Liu Ke,Cai Kai-Yuan,quantitative effects of software testing on reliability improvement in the presence of imperfect debugging,INFORMATION SCIENCES,218,,119-132,CCF B
  49. Changjing Wang,Jinyun Xue,Radl形式规格说明相对正确性研究,软件学报,24,4,715-729
  50. Ziyang Ma,Enhua Wu,Real-time and Robust Hand Tracking with a Single Depth Camera,The Visual Computer,,CCF C
  51. Tianchen Xu,Wen Wu,Enhua Wu,Real-time Character-driven Motion Effects with Particle-based Fluid Simulation,Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds,v24,CCF C
  52. Enhua Wu,Feitong Liu,Robust Image Metamorphosis Immune from Ghost and Blur,The Visual Computer,29(4), pp311-321,CCF C
  53. Xu Ming,Zhu Jiaqi,Li Zhi-Bin,some decidable results on reachability of solvable systems,INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GENERAL SYSTEMS,42,4,405-425,N
  54. Zheng Shenggen,Qiu Daowen,Gruska Jozef,Li Lvzhou,Mateus Paulo,state succinctness of two-way finite automata with quantum and classical states,THEORETICAL COMPUTER SCIENCE,499,,98-112,CCF B
  55. Yan Shengen,Long Guoping,Zhang Yunquan,streamscan: fast scan algorithms for gpus without global barrier synchronization,ACM SIGPLAN NOTICES,48,8,229-238,N
  56. Xu Ming,Li Zhi-Bin,symbolic termination analysis of solvable loops,JOURNAL OF SYMBOLIC COMPUTATION,50,,28-49,CCF B
  57. Kang Qinma,He Hong,task assignment for minimizing application completion time using honeybee mating optimization,FRONTIERS OF COMPUTER SCIENCE,7,3,404-415,CCF C
  58. Angsheng Li,,Peng Zhang,Unbalanced Graph Partitioning,Theory of Computing Systems,53(3): 454-466,CCF C
  59. Chen Jianxin,Dawkins Hillary,Ji Zhengfeng,Johnston Nathaniel,Kribs David,Shultz Frederic,Zeng Bei,uniqueness of quantum states compatible with given measurement results,PHYSICAL REVIEW A,88,1,-,N
  60. Georgios Barmpalias,Universal computably enumerable sets and initial segment prefix-free complexity ,Information and Computation,233 (2013) 41-59,CCF A
  61. LI Xuan,Du Liang,Shen Yidong,Update Summarization via Graph-Based Sentence Ranking,IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE) ,25,5,1162-1174,CCF A
  62. Qi Liao, Lei Shi,Chen Wang,Visual Analysis of Large-Scale Network Anomalies,IBM Journal of Research and Development,57(3/4): 13:1-13:12,CORE A
  63. Du Jianfeng,Qi, G. L.,Shen Yidong,Weight-based Consistent Query Answering over Inconsistent SHIQ Knowledge Bases,Knowledge and Information Systems ,34(2):335-371,CCF B
  64. Tao Wang, ,Jun Wei,Wenbo Zhang,,Hua Zhong,,Tao Huang,Workload-Aware Anomaly Detection for Web Applications. ,Journal of Systems and Software,2013, In Press. (Available online 28 March 2013, ,CCF B
  65. Xiangzheng Sun,Yunquan Zhang,Ting Wang,Yan Li,Liang Yuan,对角线稀疏矩阵的SpMV自适应性能优化,计算机研究与发展,50,3,648-656,一级学报
  66. Lu Zhang,Bin Sheng,Lizhuang Ma,分区域去运动模糊,中国图象图形学报,18,4,467-475,N
  67. Youquan Liu,Man Zhang,光线跟踪算法的加速技术研究,计算机与数字工程,41,6,863-865,898,N
  68. Kuien Liu,Junchao Xiao,Zhiming Ding,Mingshu Li,轨迹数据库中热门区域的发现,软件学报,24,8,,一级学报
  69. Youquan Liu,Peng Lei,Honglei Han,Enhua Wu,基于Google Earth的协同飞行可视仿真,飞行力学学报,,N
  70. Xu Pang,Yunquan Zhang,Guoping Long,Haipeng Jia,Shengen Yan,基于OpenCL的均值平移算法在多个众核平台的性能优化研究,计算机科学,40,3,79-85,110,N
  71. Liyuan Jiang,Yunquan Zhang,Guoping Long,Haipeng Jia,基于OpenCL的连续数据无关访存密集型函数并行与优化研究,计算机科学,40,3,111-115,N
  72. Haipeng Jia,Yunquan Zhang,Jianliang Xu,基于OpenCL的图像积分图算法优化研究,计算机科学,40,2,1-7,N
  73. Lei Shi,Qi Liao,Chuang Lin,基于变换的大图点边可视化综述,计算机辅助设计与图形学学报,25,3,304-311,一级学报
  74. Changai Sun,Qingshun Cheng,基于故障的布尔表达式测试技术综述,计算机科学,40,3,16-23,40,N
  75. Guangwei Wang,Guofu Xie,Wencheng Wang,基于空间聚类增强lightcuts的光照计算,计算机学报,Vol.36, No.11, p.2364-2370,一级学报
  76. Tianhao Gao,Wencheng Wang,Binhai Zhu,基于凸片段分解和格网的点在多边形中的可见边检测,计算机辅助设计与图形学学报,Vol.25, No.8, p.1114-1120,一级学报
  77. Changjing Wang,Haimei Luo,Zhengkang Zuo,基于问题模式的形式化软件规格说明生成方法,计算机研究与发展,50,2,352-360,一级学报
  78. Youquan Liu,Zhangye Wang,Jian Zhu,Yuanzhang Chang,Enhua Wu,基于物理的流体动画加速技术的研究进展,计算机辅助设计与图形学学报,25(3), pp312-321,一级学报
  79. Shibiao Xu,Xiaopeng Zhang,Yanyun Chen,Haitao Yu,Enhua Wu,交互式水滴效果模拟,计算机辅助设计与图形学学报,25(8), pp1159-1168,一级学报
  80. Siming Chen,Shandong Wang,近似软影下的三维增强绘制,计算机工程与设计,34,1,221-224,267,N
  81. Cheng Gong,Zheng Zheng,Zhenyu Zhang,Peng Hao,Peifeng Rao,Yichao Gao,类别比例对缺陷定位稳定性影响的实验研究,计算机科学与探索,7,6,505-517,N
  82. Xiaozhe Shao,Guoquan Wu,Jun Wei,Tao Huang,面向移动平台的消息通讯服务设计与实现,计算机工程与科学,35,9,78-82,N
  83. Xiulei Qin,Wenbo Zhang,Wei Wang,Jun Wei,Xin Zhao,Hua Zhong,Tao Huang,面向云端Key/Value存储系统的开销敏感的数据迁移方法,软件学报,24,6,1403-1417,一级学报
  84. Mingtai Zhang,Guangquan Zhang,Kan Zhang,Mingcai Chen,Fei Feng,描述CPS物理实体的时空Petri网模型,计算机科学与探索,,4,377-384,N
  85. Tengfei Wu,Yanlin Luo,Yun Tian,Zhongke Wu,Jianping Yan,脑血管体绘制的快速表意式增强,中国图象图形学报,18,4,476-482,N
  86. Haiming Chen,Ping Lu,确定型语言的相关研究综述,集成技术,2(6),65-70,N
  87. Yong Zhao,Zhiqiang Zhang,Jun Yan,Jian Zhang,软件兼容性测试的故障定位分析,计算机科学与探索, 7(5): 405-411,N
  88. Youquan Liu,Xiangmo Zhao,Guangxi Li,Enhua Wu,三维数字城市的大规模微观交通仿真,长安大学学报(自然科学版),33(3), 2013,N
  89. Youquan Liu,Dan Chen,Sandong Wang,Enhua Wu,深度增强的图像线条画生成,系统仿真学报,N
  90. Sandong Wang,Xiaosheng Li,Xuehui Liu,Enhua Wu,图像抽象化的实时增强型绘制,计算机辅助设计与图形学学报,25,2,189-199,一级学报
  91. Youquan Liu,Xianhe Su,线段的三步快速聚类算法,电子测试,,11,61-63,72,N
  92. Youquan Liu,Zongsheng Wu,Honglei Han,Enhua Wu,线条增强的建筑物图像抽象画生成,计算机辅助设计与图形学学报,25(9), pp1275-1280,一级学报
  93. Yuwen Cai,Bin Sheng,Lizhuang Ma,优化分割的手绘图像彩色化技术,计算机辅助设计与图形学学报,25,6,774-781,一级学报
  94. Guangwei Wang,Wencheng Wang,Miao Hua,Honglei Han,优化光源设计的自适应增强绘制,软件学报,Vol.24, No.8, p.1885-1897,一级学报
  95. Xiulei Qin,Wenbo Zhang,Jun Wei,Wei Wang,Hua Zhong,Tao Huang,云计算环境下分布式缓存技术的现状与挑战,软件学报,24,1,50-66,一级学报
  96. Longsheng Jiang,Enhua Wu,真实感雨线绘制,中国图象图形学报,18,5,600-606,N
  97. Xin Sun,Kun Zhou,Jie Guo,Guofu Xie,Jingui Pan,Wencheng Wang, Baining Guo,Line segment sampling with blue-noise properties,ACM Transactions on Graphics,32\4\article 127,CCF A
  98. Jiang Liu,Naijun Zhan,Hengjun Zhao,Automatically discovering relaxed Lyapunov functions for polynomial dynamical systems,Mathematics in Computer Science,6:395-408,CORE C
  99. Wei Ke,Zhiming Liu,Shuling Wang,Liang Zhao,A graph-based generic type system for object-oriented programs,Frontiers of Computer Science,7(1): 109-134,CCF C
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  101. Jian Zhu,Youquan Liu,Yuanzhang Chang,Enhua Wu,Simulation of Turbulent Water by Vortex Shedding in PIC/FLIP,Science in China F: Information Sciences,56(3):1-11,CCF B

Year 2014 Year 2013 Year 2012 Year 2011 Year 2010 Year 2009 Year 2008 Year 2007 Conference Papers Before 2007
  1. Ruzhen Dong,Naijun Zhan,Liang Zhao,An Interface Model of Software Components, ICTAC 2013,shang hai,CORE B ,9.4-9.6
  2. Hengjun Zhao,Naijun Zhan,Deepak Kapur,Synthesizing Switching Controllers for Hybrid Systems by Generating Invariants, the Jifeng Festschrift, Lecture Notes in Computer Science,shanghai ,N,9.1-9.3
  3. Bei Guan,Yanjun Wu,Liping Ding,Yongji Wang,CIVSched: Communication-aware Inter-VM Scheduling in Virtual Machine Monitor based on the Process,13th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computing (CCGrid 2013),Netherlands,CORE A ,
  4. Lei Song,Lijun Zhang,Holger Hermanns,Jens Chr. Godskesen,Incremental Bisimulation Abstraction Refinement,13th International Conference on Application of Concurrency to System Design (ACSD),Barcelona, Spain,CPRE B ,7.8-7.10
  5. Qixing Dong,Jun Yan,Jian Zhang,Fanping Zeng,A Search Strategy Guided by Uncovered Branches for Concolic Testing,13th International Conference on Quality Software (QSIC 2013),Nanjing, China,CCF C ,7.29-7.30
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  10. Wang, Y. S.,Eiter, T.,You, J.,Yuan, L.,Shen Yidong,Eliminating Nonmonotonic Dl-Atoms in Description Logic Programs,7th International Conference on Web Reasoning and Rule Systems (RR-13), Mannheim, Germany,N,7.27-7.29
  11. Taolue Chen,Ernst Moritz Hahn,Tingting Han,Marta Kwiatkowska,Hongyang Qu,Lijun Zhang,Model Repair for Markov Decision Processes,7th International Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Software Engineering (TASE),Birmingham, UK.,CCF C ,7.1-7.3
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  13. Lu Pan,Feng Tian,Fei Lu,Xiaolong Zhang,Ying Liu,Wenxin Feng,Guozhong Dai,Hongan Wang,An exploration on long-distance communications between left-behind children and their parents in China ,ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) 2013,CCF B ,2013/2/23-2013/2/27
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  19. Jing Li,Wencheng Wang,Point-In-Polygon Tests by Determining Grid Center Points In Advance,Asia-Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association, Annual Summit and Conference (APSIPA ASC 2013),taiwan,N,10.29-11.1
  20. Yang Gao,Ernst Moritz Hahn,Naijun Zhan,Lijun Zhang,Ccmc: A Conditional Csl Model Checker for Continuous-Time Markov Chains,Automated Technology for Verification and Analysis - 11th International Symposium (ATVA),Hanoi,Vietnam,CORE A,10.15-10.18
  21. Peng Huang,Xuehui Liu,Enhua Wu,Multi-Resolution Shadow Mapping Using Cuda Rasterizer,CAD/Graphics2013,Hong Kong,N,11.18-11.20
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  25. Ziyang Ma,Kaiming He,Yichen Wei,Jian Sun,Enhua Wu,Constant Time Weighted Median Filtering for Stereo Matching and Beyond,ICCV2013 (IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision),Sydney, Australia,CCF A,12.1-12.8
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