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Parallel Algorithm and Parallel Software

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Parallel Algorithm and Parallel Software


Our research focus on parallel algorithm and parallel software development, large-scale parallel numerical simulation, parallel computational model, non-numerical parallel computing, huge volume data parallel processing, high performance parallel algorithm design, performance optimization, and performance evaluation and benchmarking of HPC.

Research Topics

  • Parallel Algorithm and Parallel Software Development
  • Large-scale Parallel Numerical Simulation
  • Parallel Computational Model
  • Non-numerical Parallel Computing
  • Huge Volume Data Parallel Processing
  • High Performance Parallel Algorithm Design
  • Performance Optimization and Evaluation
  • Benchmarking of HPC

Current Projects

Name Person Time Type
Cooperation Research on Software Package for Linpack Performance Evaluation and Analysis of High Performance Computing Systems Based on GPGPU Yunquan ZHANG 2009.05-2011.12 Development Project of National Key Scientific Equipment, Participant
Parallel Algorithms and Parallel Software Yunquan ZHANG 2009.09-2013.09 ISCAS Fund for Distinguished Yong Scholars, Principal Investigator
Development of Dawning 6000 Peta-Hz High-performance Computer System Yunquan ZHANG 2010.01-2011.12 863 Programme, Participant

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