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Principles of Software Technology

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Academic Research
Theories and Applications of Concurrent and Real-Time Systems
Principles of Software Technology
Computer Graphics and Human Computer Interaction
Parallel Algorithm and Parallel Software


Research on this area is focused on theories and methodologies for the analysis and development of software, as well as techniques for the quality of software. It encompasses a broad range of subjects, from formal models, testing and verification of concurrent and sequential programs, software middleware, to software process and quality measurement and assurance.

Research topics

  • Software Specification and Software Design Method
  • λ-Calculus and Formal Semantics
  • Computation Theory, Algorithms and Computational Complexity
  • Symbolic Computation, Constraint Solving and Program Analysis
  • Software Testing, Software Debugging
  • Automatic Reasoning and Program Verification
  • Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence
  • Methodologies of Distributed Program Design
  • Distributed Computing
  • Grid Computing and Object-Oriented Semantics
  • Methodologies and Techniques of Software Processes

Current Projects

Name Person Time Type
Theoy and Methodologies of Quantum Software Zhengfeng JI 2008.01-2011.12 NSFC Key Programme, Participant
Middleware Models and Running Mechanisms for Reliable and High-service-quality Internetware Software Tao HUANG 2009.01-2013.12 973 Programme, Principal Investigator
Formal Specification and Verification of Software Naijun ZHAN 2009.09-2014.09 ISCAS Fund for Distinguished Yong Scholars, Principal Investigator
Theory of Refinement, Composition and Adhesion of Software Components Naijun ZHAN 2010.01-2012.12 NSFC General Programme, Principal Investigator
Key Problems of Answer Set Programming with Abstract Constraints and Their Applcations to Semantic Web Yidong SHEN 2010.01-2012.12 NSFC General Programme, Principal Investigator
Network Algorithms and Digital Information Angsheng LI 2010.01-2012.12 ISCAS Key Programme, Principal Investigator
Static Analysis Tools of C Programs Zhongxing XU 2010.03-2012.03 Funding from Industry, Principal Investigator
Correctness of Multicore Inner Memory Algorithms Haiming CHEN 2010-2012 Funding from Industry, Principal Investigator

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