Title: Provably correct conflict prevention bands algorithms
Speaker: Gilles Dowek
Time: 14:00, Thursday, 7th March, 2013
Venue: Lecture Room, 3rd Floor, Building #5, State Key Laboratory of Computer Science, Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences
(Joint work with Anthony Narkawicz and Cesar Munoz) A conflict prevention bands algorithm displays to an aircraft pilot “go” and “don’t go” zones, where the aircraft can or must not go. This talk presents a method for the analysis and verification of prevention bands algorithms.

Gilles Dowek is a Senior Research Scientist at the Institut National deRecherche en Informatique et en Automatique (INRIA) and the Deputy
Scientific Director of INRIA since November 2010. His research interests span the formalization of mathematics (type theory, set theory, nominal
logics, etc.), proof processing systems (proof-checking, automated theorem proving, etc.), the design of quantum programming languages and the
safetyof aerospace systems.

Previously, Gilles Dowek was a professor at the Ecole Polytechnique (2003-2010) and acted as the vice-president of the computer science department (2003-2009). Right before that, he was a Research Scientist at INRIA (1992-2001), then became a Senior Research Scientist in 2001 (Scientific leader of the LogiCal project from 2000 to 2007). He also worked in the United States, at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, in Computational Logic’s laboratories in Austin and at the NIA (National Institute for Aerospace, NASA) in Hampton. He holds Habilitation – Diriger des Recherches and a Ph.D. from University of Paris 7 and Engineering dregree from the Ecole Polytechnique .

Since 1995, He has published 80+ papers in refereed conferences and Journals, including Information and Computation, Theoretical Computer Sciences …  He has been a member of the program committee of several conferences (LICS, TLCA, CADE, RTA, LPAR,CSL, TPHOLs, …) as well as the
steering committee of the european project Types and of the Conference on Automated Deduction. He was also the President of the thesis committee of the Association Francaise d’Informatique Theorique (French Association for Theoretical Computer Science.)

Gilles Dowek is particularly involved in introducing science to a wider audience. He has written several books for the general public on mathematical sciences. He is the recipient of the Award at the European Philips Contest for Young Researchers and Inventors (1983), the Grand Prix d’Alembert des Lyceens from the French Mathematical Society Award (2000) and the Grand Prix of Philosophie from the Academie Francaise for his book “Les metamorphoses du calcul, une etonnante histoire de mathematiques” (the changing faces of calculations; an amazing history of mathematics- 2007). He also participated in several scientific programs on radio and TV and gave conferences in various places including the french National Library and the Paris Science Museum, published several popular science books which have been translationed into german, italian, spanish and korean.