ICESS 2019 Accepted Papers

Shuhao Jiang, Jiajun Li, Shijun Gong, Junchao Yan, Guihai Yan, Yi Sun and Xiaowei Li. BZIP: A Compact Data Memory System for UTXO-based Blockchain (Regular Paper)
Fateme Hosseini and Chengmo Yang. Comprehensive Evaluation of Program Reliability with ComFIDet: An Integrated Fault Injection and Detection Framework for Embedded Systems (Regular Paper)
Murad Qasaimeh, Kristof Denolf, Jack Lo, Kees Vissers, Joseph Zambreno and Phillip Jones. Comparing Energy Efficiency of CPU, GPU and FPGA Implementations for Vision Kernels (Regular Paper)
Chenlin Ma, Zhaoyan Shen, Lei Han and Zili Shao. FC: Built-in Flash-cache with fast cleaning for SMR Storage (Regular Paper)
Bo Chen, Kai Cong, Zhenkun Yang, Qin Wang, Jialu Wang, Li Lei and Fei Xie. End-to-End Concolic Testing for Hardware/Software Co-Validation (Regular Paper)
Adith Boloor, Xin He, Christopher Gill, Yevgeniy Vorobeychik and Xuan Zhang. Simple Physical Adversarial Examples against End-to-End Autonomous Driving Models (Regular Paper)
Thomas Becnel, Tofigh Sayahi, Kerry Kelly and Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon.A Recursive Least Squares Approach to Partially Blind Calibration of a Pollution Sensor Network (Regular Paper)
Zhe Li, Xiaolong Ma, Ji Li, Jian Tang, Qinru Qiu and Yanzhi Wang. Efficient Cloud Resource Management using Neuromorphic Modeling and Prediction for Virtual Machine Resource Utilization (Regular Paper)
Swapnil Bhosale and Sudeep Pasricha. SLAM: High Performance and Energy Efficient Hybrid Last Level Cache Architecture for Multicore Embedded Systems (Regular Paper)
Chenwei Wang, Xianzhang Chen, Duo Liu and Yujuan Tan. Optimizing the Data Transmission Scheme for Edge-Based Automatic Driving (Regular Paper)
Saideep Tiku and Sudeep Pasricha. SHERPA: A Lightweight Smartphone Heterogeneity Resilient Portable Indoor Localization Framework (Regular Paper)
Chao Wu, Cheng Ji, Qiao Li and Chun Jason Xue. Reinforcement Learning based Background Segment Cleaning for Log-structured File System on Mobile Devices (Regular Paper)
Boyang Li, Jie Wu and Yiyu Shi. Privacy-Aware Cost-Effective Scheduling Considering Non-Schedulable Appliances in Smart Home (Regular Paper)
Mohamed Amine Youssef. An online algorithm enabling authentication and integrity for real-time systems (Short Paper)
Zhenyu Zhang, Chunhui Guo, Zhicheng Fu and Shangping Ren. Prevent Potential Hazards Caused by Medical Device Time Differences in Integrated Clinical Environments (Short Paper)
Guiyu Tian and Weichen Liu. Generalized Zero-shot Learning for Image Classification in Edge Devices (Poster)
Jinyu Zhan, Ying Li, Wei Jiang, Junting Wu and Jianping Zhu. FPGA Based Co-design of Storage-side Query Filter for Big Data Systems (Poster)
Jeff Zhang, Shuayb Zarar, Amol Ambardekar and Siddharth Garg. Leveraging Sparsity for SRAM Energy Reduction in DNN Accelerators (Poster)