List of accepted papers
  1. Jianxin Xue, Huan Long and Yuxi Fu: Remark on Some Pi Variants
  2. Wanwei Liu, Fu Song and Ge Zhou: Reasoning about Periodicity on Infinite Words
  3. Zipeng Zhang and Xinyu Feng: AndroidLeaker: A Hybrid Checker for Collusive Leak in Android Applications
  4. Dimitar Guelev, Shuling Wang and Naijun Zhan: Compositional Hoare-style Reasoning about Hybrid CSP in the Duration Calculus
  5. Andrzej Mizera, Jun Pang, Hongyang Qu and Qixia Yuan: A Decomposition Method for Attractor Detection in Large Synchronous Boolean Networks
  6. Yuwei Wang, Guoqiang Li and Shoji Yuen: Nested Timed Automata with Invariants
  7. Yi Li: Termination of Semi-Algebraic Loop Programs
  8. Ghassen Helali, Sofiene Tahar, Osman Hasan and Tsvetan Dunchev: Formal Analysis of Information Flow in HOL
  9. Chen Fu, Yuxin Deng, David N. Jansen and Lijun Zhang: On Equivalence Checking of Nondeterministic Finite Automata
  10. Luca Santinelli and Zhishan Guo: On the Criticality of Probabilistic Worst-Case Execution Time Models
  11. Carlos E. Budde, Pedro R. D'Argenio and Arnd Hartmanns: Better Automated Importance Splitting for Transient Rare Events
  12. Stefano Schivo, Bugra Mehmet Yildiz, Enno Ruijters, Christopher Gerking, Rajesh Kumar, Stefan Dziwok, Arend Rensink and Marielle Stoelinga: How to Efficiently Build a Front-End Tool for UPPAAL: A Model-Driven Approach
  13. Jiawei Wang, Ming Fu, Lei Qiao and Xinyu Feng: Formalizing SPARCv8 Instruction Set Architecture in Coq
  14. Calvin Deutschbein, Tom Fleming, Alan Burns and Sanjoy Baruah: Multi-core cyclic executives for safety-critical systems
  15. Meenakshi Dsouza and Maithily Diwan: A framework for modeling and verifying IoT communication protocols
  16. Idress Husien, Sven Schewe and Nicolas Berthier: PranCS: A Protocol and Discrete Controller Synthesis Tool
  17. Daichi Morita, Fuyuki Ishikawa and Shinichi Honiden: Construction of Abstract State Graphs for Understanding Event-B Models
  18. Vahid Hashemi, Andrea Turrini, Ernst Moritz Hahn, Holger Hermanns and Khaled Elbassioni: Polynomial-Time Alternating Probabilistic Bisimulation for Interval MDPs
  19. Tianhai Liu, Shmuel Tyszberowicz, Bernhard Beckert and Mana Taghdiri: Computing Exact Loop Bounds for Bounded Program Verification