There are direct flight connections between Changsha and the Chinese main big cities, such as Beijing (2 hours), Shanghai (1.5 hours) and Guangzhou (1 hour). In addition, you can also take high speed trains from these big cities to Changsha.

SETTA 2017 is to be held at Yannian Century Hotel, Changsha, China.

The Location of the Conference Hotel

Note: The taxi cost between the airport and the conference hotel is about 80 RMBs, and the cost between high speed train station and the conference hotel is about 50 RMBs.

Tourist Information

Changsha offers several historical places worth of a visit including:

  • Yuelu Academy
  • Orange Isle
  • Hunan Provincial Museum
  • Mawangdui Han Tombs
and many other places of interest, all of them easily reachable by taxi.

For more information, you may visit the Changsha Travel Guide.