CASAAL: a tool for translating Metric Temporal Logic MTL0, into timed Büchi automata and deterministic timed Büchi automata.


The syntax of  MTL0, is as follows:

  Formula := true | Atom | ! (Formula) | O(Formula) | (Formula /\ Formula) | (Formula U Formula) | (Formula U[<c] Formula) | (Formula U[<=c] Formula) | (Formula U[>c] Formula) | (Formula U[>=d]  Formula)

Where Atom is an atomic proposition, ! is the negation operator (NOT), O is the next operator, U is the until operator, c is a nonnegative integer and d is a positive integer.


The other operators, such as the release operator R, the eventually operator <> and the always operator [], can be defined in the usual way.

Examples:  true U[>=1] (!p \/ (false R[<1] q)),  (<>[>=1] a) \/ ([][<=2] b),  (a U[<2] b) U c,  [](p-> <>[<=2]q) 


Operating system: Microsoft Windows.

Usage: In the command line, run the following command.

casaal  [-under/over]  formula.txt





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