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  • Class participation: 15%
  • Assignments: 40%
    • Visualization tool usage: 10%
    • Visualization design: 15%
    • Graph drawing / network visualization: 15%
  • Final project: 45%
  • BONUS: 10%
    • Ask questions at class: 1 grade each, 5 grades at maximum
    • Contribute InfoVis resources to our course wiki: 1 grade for each topic, 5 grades at maximum (in case accepted)
  • Policy
    • Late: 10% deduction each day late (assignment, final project)
    • Duplication: 50% score for each people/team (or divided by #Dup)
    • Open source: open source usage encouraged, MUST cite the source of the code/app/data and explain which part is new


Assignment I: Visualization Tool Usage

Assignment II: Visualization Design

Assignment III: Network Visualization/Graph Drawing

Schedule of the Finals

Time/Deadline Location Event
May 30 1#108, UCAS Final Presentation I
June 6 1#108, UCAS Final Presentation II (Poster instruction and template release)
June 13 1#107, UCAS Open Exam (score judged by final project deliverable); Closing remarks
June 15 1#108, UCAS Final project deliverable upload (Poster file upload)
June 30 4th Floor, Lecture hall, Building 5#, ISCAS, Zhongguancun Guest Lecture II by Hanghang Tong, Jingrui He, Jie Tang; Poster Session to win the travel grant to ICCCN/HotData 2014, Shanghai, August 7 (3~5 tickets)

Final Project


In the final project, you are required to work in group of 3~4 team members to design and implement a visualization-based tool/system that solves real problem. The primary expectations on the final project are the novelty of the visualization design/implementation and the usability of the tool in handling the proposed scenario and task.

  • The proposal on visualization should have at least one new stuff on either visual design, interaction model, visual-data-mapping or they combine multiple coordinated views.
  • The usage of the visualization tool/system should clearly address the issues of the targeted scenario and tasks. New findings or answers to the required questions should be described in the submission and presented in class.

We provide some sample visualization topics, mainly the visual analytics tasks from VAST Challenge 2014, in which the target scenario and research task questions are fixed. You are encouraged to pick your own research topic, but don't forget to set a target usage scenario first.

The final presentation time will be on May 30 and June 6. We will have an in-class progress check three weeks before the submission deadline, when we will also determine the in-class presentation orders by draws.

More details will be posted soon.

Sample Topics

We refer to this year's VAST Challenge for samples. All three mini-challenges are well suited to visual analytics researchers and developers with no specialized expertise required.

Mini-Challenge 1 involves analysis of text and network data.

Mini-Challenge 2 involves geospatial, temporal, and transaction data analysis.

Mini-Challenge 3 involves analysis of streaming text. Tools will be provided to help make it easier for you to connect to and test the text stream.

We give a brief summary below. For more information, please visit .

VAST Challenge 2014 Mini-Challenge I

VAST Challenge 2014 Mini-Challenge II

VAST Challenge 2014 Mini-Challenge III

VAST Challenge 2010 Solution

VAST Challenge 2012 Solution

Progress Report

Each team is required to present a progress report in the Class of May 9, including their final project title, targeted scenario and tasks, proposed solution and the working plan (time schedule and workload division). Each team should have one leader/coordinator.

For each team leader, Please sent your team's progress report to me before May 8 21:00(Beijing Time).

My email:

Final Deliverable

  • An online submission entry similar to Assignment I/II/III. It should include your representative screenshots, description of the screenshots, and the summary of solution and findings/usages in the target scenario/task. Details can be added by linking to your in-class presentation file (print to PDF version for better online viewing). This can be replaced with your website of the project work!
    • If you want to put your website on our server, please email your code to the TA ( TA will help deploy your website.
  • An presentation file which your team have talked in-class, 10 minutes (approximately 15 slides). There will be a 5-minute Q&A session after each talk.
  • A poster that summarizes your tool/solution, key contributions and the insights/findings in the targeted scenario and task. A template will be posted soon. This poster will be put in exhibition during our final poster session. (TA will help to print all the posters in a batch.)
  • After finishing your poster, Please email it to (, The name of your poster should like "Poster_GroupXXX"
  • A video file (optional)

Picture of final project

Pictures of final project reports

Poster Session

June 30, 2014, 4th Floor, Lecture hall, Building 5#, ISCAS, Zhongguancun. Each team sends at least one team member to present their posters and give a 1-minute fast-forward talk at the venue.


The final project is scored by both the lecturer, TA and all the teams (excluding one's own team). The performance is judged from four aspects:

  • The visualization design
  • The data processing excellence
  • The tool usability (for general vis topic) / The findings (for VAST challenge topics)
  • The presentation

Bonus will be added to the teams who give live or video demonstration in the presentation.

Groups for the Final Project (<=4 members per team for future registration)

Group XXX

   Team members: 张三,李四,王五...

Group A

   Team members:臧光明,周朝挥,吕腾达,张进兴,曹智   第二次报告第四个

Group B

   Team members:王少楠,张海楠,李雷,刘青松   第一次报告第一个

Group C

   Team members:郭鹏,贾帆,杨洋   第二次报告第六个

Group D

Team members:

             程  敏 2013E8017761036
             彭  超 2013E8017761039
             范晓晨 201328017729015
             马  林 201328017729017    第二次报告第一个

Group E

   Team members:司一丹,冯艳晓,任玉强,杨文静   第一次报告第七个

Group F

   Team members:邓雪松,谭程夫,何相君,张昊亮   第一个报告第六个

Group G

   Team members:李睿、宋强、陶艳、应鹏、毛亚敏   第一次报告第二个

Group H

   Team members:张磊,商金秋,孙成龙,许轲,田波   第一次报告第四个

Group I

 Team members :刘伟,尹吉澧,冯云海,张俊强   第一次报告第八个

Group K

   Team members:郝硕,马彬,曲昕瑶,谢雪   第二次报告第七个

Group L

   Team members:   丁嘉宁   第一次报告第五个

Group M

   Team members: 欧阳潘义 凌佳 巴振宇 魏华   第二次报告第八个

Group N

      Team members:杨迎春,张众一,王久远 梁超超  第二次报告第二个

Group O

   Team members:高辉,邢燕祯,刘昊淼,郭跃

Group P

  Team members:刘晓梅 晏琪 陈雁 张洋   第二次报告第三个

Group Q

Team members: 何妹妹 赵玲玲 吕成娇 黄甜   第一次报告第三个

Group R

Group S

  Team members: 杜长德  汪杨洲  汪啸尘    第二次报告第五个

Group T

Team Members: 袁鑫晨 吴云坤 袁野 耿朋   第二次报告第九个
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