TLCE A Temporal Logic with Constrained E vents, formerly known as the First-Order (or Predicate) Sequencing Constraint Logic (FOSCL or PSCL), was proposed to represent test purposes concerning the temporal relationships among input/output (I/O) events and the data dependencies between event parameters

ASTG - A TLCE-Based Symbolic Test Generator

The tool was developed at the State Key Laboratory of Computer Science, Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences.


 ASTG was developed in Object Caml + C. The source code is free to download.

    1. Edit "src/Makefile" to set OCAMLINCLUDE, e.g. <OCAML home directory>/lib/ocaml/
    2. Build the source code by typing "make" under src/
    3. Run the main program astg [options] "input" > "output"


      enable constraint solving


      enable false conditions


      slice the system model only

Sample Files: 

Case Studies - using TorX as the test execution engine


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