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Start time2013-05-05 20:21:26.495227
End time2013-05-05 20:21:26.495242

Defect Summary

Defect TypeQuantityDisplay
The operand has undefined value.5
Function argument is an uninitialized value.1
The pointer is NULL.138
NULL pointer passed as an argument to a nonnull parameter.8
Try to store to read-only memory location.1
Memory allocated in heap space is not freed.8
Use fixed address2
Call sizeof() on a pointer type.5


Bug IDDefect TypeFilePath Length
D100-100The operand has undefined value.inet_ntop_cache.c172View Report
D100-112The operand has undefined value.mod_redirect.c5View Report
D100-21The operand has undefined value.http-header-glue.c27View Report
D100-28The operand has undefined value.http_auth.c25View Report
D100-29The operand has undefined value.http_auth.c22View Report
D106-16Function argument is an uninitialized value.proc_open.c55View Report
D110-82The pointer is NULL.mod_expire.c6View Report
D110-159The pointer is NULL.mod_usertrack.c6View Report
D110-69The pointer is NULL.mod_dirlisting.c7View Report
D110-1The pointer is NULL.array.c10View Report
D110-12The pointer is NULL.data_config.c5View Report
D110-32The pointer is NULL.keyvalue.c5View Report
D110-76The pointer is NULL.mod_evhost.c7View Report
D110-152The pointer is NULL.mod_trigger_b4_dl.c3View Report
D110-143The pointer is NULL.mod_ssi.c3View Report
D110-25The pointer is NULL.fdevent_poll.c9View Report
D110-116The pointer is NULL.mod_rewrite.c3View Report
D110-144The pointer is NULL.mod_ssi.c16View Report
D110-93The pointer is NULL.mod_fastcgi.c9View Report
D110-47The pointer is NULL.mod_accesslog.c189View Report
D110-5The pointer is NULL.buffer.c8View Report
D110-81The pointer is NULL.mod_expire.c11View Report
D110-53The pointer is NULL.mod_alias.c6View Report
D110-111The pointer is NULL.mod_redirect.c3View Report
D110-51The pointer is NULL.mod_accesslog.c6View Report
D110-46The pointer is NULL.mod_accesslog.c10View Report
D110-118The pointer is NULL.mod_rewrite.c6View Report
D110-49The pointer is NULL.mod_accesslog.c191View Report
D110-11The pointer is NULL.data_array.c5View Report
D110-104The pointer is NULL.mod_indexfile.c3View Report
D110-84The pointer is NULL.mod_extforward.c6View Report
D110-52The pointer is NULL.mod_alias.c11View Report
D110-134The pointer is NULL.mod_secure_download.c6View Report
D110-160The pointer is NULL.mod_webdav.c3View Report
D110-148The pointer is NULL.mod_staticfile.c11View Report
D110-73The pointer is NULL.mod_evasive.c5View Report
D110-149The pointer is NULL.mod_status.c3View Report
D110-31The pointer is NULL.http_auth.c90View Report
D110-34The pointer is NULL.keyvalue.c6View Report
D110-61The pointer is NULL.mod_cgi.c10View Report
D110-141The pointer is NULL.mod_simple_vhost.c36View Report
D110-70The pointer is NULL.mod_dirlisting.c3View Report
D110-117The pointer is NULL.mod_rewrite.c14View Report
D110-45The pointer is NULL.mod_access.c5View Report
D110-135The pointer is NULL.mod_secure_download.c21View Report
D110-20The pointer is NULL.fdevent.c3View Report
D110-157The pointer is NULL.mod_userdir.c26View Report
D110-87The pointer is NULL.mod_fastcgi.c3View Report
D110-139The pointer is NULL.mod_simple_vhost.c3View Report
D110-150The pointer is NULL.mod_status.c6View Report
D110-122The pointer is NULL.mod_scgi.c3View Report
D110-23The pointer is NULL.data_count.c3View Report
D110-44The pointer is NULL.mod_access.c10View Report
D110-107The pointer is NULL.mod_proxy.c3View Report
D110-115The pointer is NULL.mod_rewrite.c6View Report
D110-105The pointer is NULL.mod_indexfile.c6View Report
D110-167The pointer is NULL.stat_cache.c96View Report
D110-78The pointer is NULL.mod_evhost.c6View Report
D110-110The pointer is NULL.mod_proxy.c16View Report
D110-145The pointer is NULL.mod_ssi.c6View Report
D110-138The pointer is NULL.mod_setenv.c21View Report
D110-114The pointer is NULL.mod_rewrite.c7View Report
D110-6The pointer is NULL.chunk.c3View Report
D110-109The pointer is NULL.mod_proxy.c5View Report
D110-65The pointer is NULL.mod_compress.c3View Report
D110-158The pointer is NULL.mod_usertrack.c16View Report
D110-74The pointer is NULL.mod_evasive.c5View Report
D110-50The pointer is NULL.mod_accesslog.c185View Report
D110-168The pointer is NULL.stat_cache.c94View Report
D110-66The pointer is NULL.mod_compress.c20View Report
D110-48The pointer is NULL.mod_accesslog.c31View Report
D110-121The pointer is NULL.mod_rrdtool.c6View Report
D110-7The pointer is NULL.chunk.c3View Report
D110-162The pointer is NULL.mod_webdav.c11View Report
D110-56The pointer is NULL.mod_auth.c65View Report
D110-155The pointer is NULL.mod_userdir.c3View Report
D110-22The pointer is NULL.joblist.c5View Report
D110-64The pointer is NULL.mod_cml.c6View Report
D110-17The pointer is NULL.connections.c3View Report
D110-43The pointer is NULL.lemon.c4View Report
D110-106The pointer is NULL.mod_indexfile.c11View Report
D110-27The pointer is NULL.fdevent.c3View Report
D110-38The pointer is NULL.lemon.c66View Report
D110-68The pointer is NULL.mod_dirlisting.c6View Report
D110-126The pointer is NULL.mod_scgi.c14View Report
D110-140The pointer is NULL.mod_simple_vhost.c6View Report
D110-123The pointer is NULL.mod_scgi.c3View Report
D110-3The pointer is NULL.array.c10View Report
D110-75The pointer is NULL.mod_evhost.c3View Report
D110-96The pointer is NULL.mod_fastcgi.c19View Report
D110-30The pointer is NULL.http_auth.c70View Report
D110-136The pointer is NULL.mod_setenv.c3View Report
D110-19The pointer is NULL.joblist.c6View Report
D110-10The pointer is NULL.data_integer.c5View Report
D110-103The pointer is NULL.mod_flv_streaming.c11View Report
D110-163The pointer is Report
D110-62The pointer is NULL.mod_cml.c3View Report
D110-95The pointer is NULL.mod_fastcgi.c10View Report
D110-55The pointer is NULL.mod_auth.c207View Report
D110-133The pointer is NULL.mod_secure_download.c3View Report
D110-147The pointer is NULL.mod_staticfile.c6View Report
D110-129The pointer is NULL.mod_scgi.c9View Report
D110-67The pointer is NULL.mod_compress.c10View Report
D110-71The pointer is NULL.mod_dirlisting.c25View Report
D110-108The pointer is NULL.mod_proxy.c3View Report
D110-72The pointer is NULL.mod_dirlisting.c6View Report
D110-83The pointer is NULL.mod_extforward.c3View Report
D110-102The pointer is NULL.mod_flv_streaming.c6View Report
D110-161The pointer is NULL.mod_webdav.c6View Report
D110-4The pointer is NULL.buffer.c10View Report
D110-24The pointer is NULL.data_fastcgi.c3View Report
D110-156The pointer is NULL.mod_userdir.c6View Report
D110-151The pointer is NULL.mod_status.c21View Report
D110-86The pointer is NULL.mod_fastcgi.c3View Report
D110-137The pointer is NULL.mod_setenv.c6View Report
D110-79The pointer is NULL.mod_evhost.c11View Report
D110-80The pointer is NULL.mod_expire.c3View Report
D110-91The pointer is NULL.mod_fastcgi.c9View Report
D110-128The pointer is NULL.mod_scgi.c5View Report
D110-124The pointer is NULL.mod_scgi.c3View Report
D110-85The pointer is NULL.mod_extforward.c16View Report
D110-35The pointer is NULL.keyvalue.c5View Report
D110-36The pointer is NULL.keyvalue.c6View Report
D110-58The pointer is NULL.mod_cgi.c12View Report
D110-154The pointer is NULL.mod_trigger_b4_dl.c6View Report
D110-77The pointer is NULL.mod_evhost.c9View Report
D110-164The pointer is NULL.plugin.c5View Report
D110-37The pointer is NULL.keyvalue.c5View Report
D110-90The pointer is NULL.mod_fastcgi.c14View Report
D110-54The pointer is NULL.mod_auth.c3View Report
D110-18The pointer is NULL.stat_cache.c3View Report
D110-101The pointer is NULL.mod_flv_streaming.c3View Report
D110-33The pointer is NULL.keyvalue.c6View Report
D110-166The pointer is NULL.stat_cache.c3View Report
D110-113The pointer is NULL.mod_rewrite.c3View Report
D110-146The pointer is NULL.mod_staticfile.c3View Report
D110-63The pointer is NULL.mod_cml.c26View Report
D110-119The pointer is NULL.mod_rrdtool.c3View Report
D110-88The pointer is NULL.mod_fastcgi.c3View Report
D110-92The pointer is NULL.mod_fastcgi.c7View Report
D110-120The pointer is NULL.mod_rrdtool.c16View Report
D110-153The pointer is NULL.mod_trigger_b4_dl.c36View Report
D110-57The pointer is NULL.mod_auth.c5View Report
D110-59The pointer is NULL.mod_cgi.c8View Report
D112-99NULL pointer passed as an argument to a nonnull parameter.mod_fastcgi.c543View Report
D112-2NULL pointer passed as an argument to a nonnull parameter.array.c12View Report
D112-60NULL pointer passed as an argument to a nonnull parameter.mod_cgi.c5View Report
D112-125NULL pointer passed as an argument to a nonnull parameter.mod_scgi.c5View Report
D112-89NULL pointer passed as an argument to a nonnull parameter.mod_fastcgi.c5View Report
D112-132NULL pointer passed as an argument to a nonnull parameter.mod_scgi.c506View Report
D112-131NULL pointer passed as an argument to a nonnull parameter.mod_scgi.c464View Report
D112-98NULL pointer passed as an argument to a nonnull parameter.mod_fastcgi.c485View Report
D113-41Try to store to read-only memory location.lemon.c14View Report
D400-142Memory allocated in heap space is not freed.stat_cache.c173View Report
D400-13Memory allocated in heap space is not freed.buffer.c101View Report
D400-40Memory allocated in heap space is not freed.lemon.c121View Report
D400-15Memory allocated in heap space is not freed.buffer.c101View Report
D400-39Memory allocated in heap space is not freed.lemon.c122View Report
D400-26Memory allocated in heap space is not freed.fdevent.c177View Report
D400-14Memory allocated in heap space is not freed.buffer.c103View Report
D400-42Memory allocated in heap space is not freed.lemon.c22View Report
D1001-9Use fixed addresschunk.c20View Report
D1001-8Use fixed addresschunk.c13View Report
D1008-165Call sizeof() on a pointer type.plugin.c2View Report
D1008-94Call sizeof() on a pointer type.mod_fastcgi.c8View Report
D1008-97Call sizeof() on a pointer type.mod_fastcgi.c2View Report
D1008-130Call sizeof() on a pointer type.mod_scgi.c2View Report
D1008-127Call sizeof() on a pointer type.mod_scgi.c8View Report