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Start time2015-05-22 19:32:45.009370
End time2015-05-22 19:32:45.009379

Defect Summary

Defect TypeQuantityDisplay
The operand has undefined value.2
The pointer is NULL.7
Memory allocated in heap space is not freed.5
Use a memory object after it is freed.3
Use fixed address1
Comparing float type with "==".1
Out-of-bound array access.5


Bug IDDefect TypeFileLinePath Length
D100-7The operand has undefined value.authfd.c577118View Report
D100-20The operand has undefined value.ssh-agent.c227139View Report
D110-16The pointer is NULL.sftp.c81356View Report
D110-11The pointer is NULL.monitor_mm.c5818View Report
D110-10The pointer is NULL.monitor_mm.c5830View Report
D110-9The pointer is NULL.monitor_mm.c5830View Report
D110-12The pointer is NULL.monitor_mm.c5821View Report
D110-8The pointer is NULL.monitor_mm.c5820View Report
D110-17The pointer is NULL.sftp.c82456View Report
D400-1Memory allocated in heap space is not freed.xmalloc.c34403View Report
D400-14Memory allocated in heap space is not freed.getrrsetbyname.c330220View Report
D400-13Memory allocated in heap space is not freed.getrrsetbyname.c549206View Report
D400-6Memory allocated in heap space is not freed.glob.c682126View Report
D400-19Memory allocated in heap space is not freed.xmalloc.c69588View Report
D403-24Use a memory object after it is freed.uidswap.c117426View Report
D403-23Use a memory object after it is freed.uidswap.c201438View Report
D403-21Use a memory object after it is freed.sshconnect2.c109514View Report
D1001-18Use fixed addressbsd-misc.c21523View Report
D1005-15Comparing float type with "==".progressmeter.c1474View Report
D1009-22Out-of-bound array access.monitor.c139994View Report
D1009-2Out-of-bound array access.mktemp.c99117View Report
D1009-5Out-of-bound array access.glob.c53453View Report
D1009-4Out-of-bound array access.glob.c56057View Report
D1009-3Out-of-bound array access.mktemp.c103120View Report