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Start time2013-05-07 14:44:31.635112
End time2013-05-07 14:44:31.635127

Defect Summary

Defect TypeQuantityDisplay
The operand has undefined value.5
Branch condition evaluates to a garbage value.3
The pointer is undefined.3
The pointer is NULL.6
Access out of bound memory.1
Use a memory object after it is freed.2
Use fixed address2
Comparing float type with "==".4


Bug IDDefect TypeFilePath Length
D100-9The operand has undefined value.url.c44View Report
D100-26The operand has undefined value.utils.c11View Report
D100-10The operand has undefined value.url.c47View Report
D100-5The operand has undefined Report
D100-11The operand has undefined value.convert.c48View Report
D101-18Branch condition evaluates to a garbage value.url.c30View Report
D101-21Branch condition evaluates to a garbage value.init.c38View Report
D101-20Branch condition evaluates to a garbage value.utils.c38View Report
D103-16The pointer is undefined.css.c19View Report
D103-14The pointer is undefined.cookies.c168View Report
D103-15The pointer is undefined.cookies.c160View Report
D110-25The pointer is NULL.retr.c243View Report
D110-8The pointer is NULL.css.c7View Report
D110-23The pointer is NULL.url.c32View Report
D110-6The pointer is NULL.connect.c13View Report
D110-19The pointer is NULL.utils.c21View Report
D110-24The pointer is NULL.retr.c241View Report
D300-22Access out of bound memory.main.c8View Report
D403-13Use a memory object after it is freed.hash.c120View Report
D403-1Use a memory object after it is freed.printf-parse.c37View Report
D1001-2Use fixed addresshash.c10View Report
D1001-3Use fixed addresshash.c16View Report
D1005-17Comparing float type with "==".retr.c4View Report
D1005-4Comparing float type with "==".utils.c2View Report
D1005-7Comparing float type with "==".connect.c2View Report
D1005-12Comparing float type with "==".ptimer.c6View Report