Melton:How to analyze Openssh

Melton:How to analyze Openssh--Using

Enter the project dir that contains Makefile (make sure you have run "./configure" to generate Makefile file), and the most simple way to start is:

[xuzb@ISCAS]$ $MELTON_DIR/ -t ~/tmp/openssh-5.9p1 -f ssh

The script will automatically analyze Makefile,
and use Clang to generate AST files from ".c" files.

-t option specifies where to store the AST files and log files,
which should be an empty dir or a dir that is generated by melton before.

-f option specifies the executable file or library name to be analyzed,
such as "ssh", "sshd", "sftp-server", "libssh.a", etc. that are built from openssh.
If you don't know what executalbe files or libraries are,
go to the dir that -t option specifies (here is ~/tmp/openssh-5.9p1) and cat these files: "a", "exe" or "so" in "info" dir.

Finially, the bug reports are produced at "./BugReports" dir.
For detail usage of, see section 3 in melton tutorial.

Note: If the source project has been make(built) before,
please remove the generated object files(For example, execute 'make clean'.)
to assure the normal analysis of

Melton:How to analyze Openssh--Using driver/

The script actually invokes to process Makefile.
You can also use to finish the analysis with the following steps.