Zhilin Wu

Associate Researcher,
State Key Laboratory of Computer Science,
Institute of Software,
Chinese Academy of Sciences

For my information in Chinese, please visit my homepage at UCAS

Research Interests:
- Automatic analysis and verification of computer programs
- Automata and logic over infinite alphabets
- Theoretical aspects of database query languages

Research Statement:
In general, I am interested in applying formal models and sepcifications to the automated analysis and verification of computer systems (mainly software).
Around this goal, my research topics cover the following aspects:
-- Investigation of the theoretical properties (expressibility, decidability, complexity) of formal models and specifications (automata and logic),
-- Efficient algorithms for the decision problems (nonemptiness, reachability, satisfiability, entailment) of the formal models and specifications,
-- Methodology for the automated formal analysis and verification of computer programs,
-- Tool implementation and case studies