Selected publications

The authors in almost all the papers below are ordered according to the alphabetic order, by following the usual practice in theoretical computer science and formal methods.

- Fu Song, Zhilin Wu, On temporal logics with data variable quantifications: decidability and complexity, Information and Computation, to appear, Published version , 2016
- Olivier Ly, Zhilin Wu, On effective construction of the greatest solution of language inequality $XA \subseteq BX$, Theoretical Computer Science, to appear, TCS version, 2014
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- Taolue Chen, Alejandro Flores-Lamas, Matthew Hague, Zhilei Han, Denghang Hu, Shuanglong Kan, Anthony W. Lin, Philipp Rummer, Zhilin Wu, Solving string constraints with Regex-dependent functions through transducers with priorities and variables, POPL 2022.
- Parosh Aziz Abdulla, Mohamed Faouzi Atig, Yu-Fang Chen, Bui Phi Diep, Lukas Holik, Denghang Hu, Wei-Lun Tsai, Zhilin Wu, Di-De Yen, Solving Not-Substring Constraint withFlat Abstraction, APLAS 2021.
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- Zhilin Wu, Semipositivity in separation logic with two variables , SETTA 2016.
- Yu-fang Chen , Lei Song, Zhilin Wu, The commutativity problem of the MapReduce framework: A transducer-based approach , CAV 2016. Notice : This is the long version of the CAV paper. Since there are some flaws in the version published at CAV, we encourage the readers to read this long version.
- Xincai Gu, Taolue Chen , Zhilin Wu, A complete decision procedure for linearly compositional separation logic with data constraints , IJCAR 2016.
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