TR,before 2008

  • 2007年
  1. lSCAS-LCS-07-01:易锦,Effcient State Space Reduction for Automata by Fair Simulation
  2. lSCAS-LCS-07-02:李静, 王文成, 吴恩华,基于空盒自适应生成的光线跟踪计算
  3. lSCAS-LCS-07-03:Mingren Chai、Nan Qu、Ying Jiang,Tree Process Calculus
  4. lSCAS-LCS-07-04:Jun Yan,A Backtracking Search Tool for Constructing Combinatorial Test Suites
  5. ISCAS-LCS-07-05:Feifei Ma, Jian Zhang,Searching for Orthogonal Arrays
  6. lSCAS-LCS-07-06:吴永辉,在无冲突标识符依赖集合的条件下XML数据库模式规范化设计的性质
  7. lSCAS-LCS-07-07:Yunhe Wang,Li Jiao,About the Reachability Graph Approach to Analysis of Petri Nets},
  8. lSCAS-LCS-07-08:Haiming Chen, Lei Chen,The Complexity of Inclusion Problem for One-Unambiguous Regular Expressions
  • 2006年
  1. ISCAS-LCS-06-01:吴永辉,XML模式中隐式冗余不存在的充要条件
  • 2005年
  1. ISCAS-LCS-05-01:林惠民,μ-Calculus Model Checking is Polynomial -A Preliminary Report
  2. ISCAS-LCS-05-02:吴鹏、张冬梅,Compositional Analysis of Mobile Network Protocols
  3. ISCAS-LCS-05-03:李静、王文成、吴恩华,基于边/面遮挡关联性的多面体凸剖分方法
  4. ISCAS-LCS-05-04:柳欣欣、董焕防,Expansive-bisimulation for normed BPA
  5. ISCAS-LCS-05-05:董韫美,上下文无关语言的句子计数和自然枚举
  6. ISCAS-LCS-05-06:季晓慧、张健,一种求解混合约束问题的快速完备算法
  7. ISCAS-LCS-05-07:陈海明,Towards Practical Computable Functions on Context-Free Languages