TR 2008

    1. ISCAS-LCS-08-01:董韫美,上下文无关文法推导树词典序枚举的线性算法
    2. ISCAS-LCS-08-02:吴永辉,消除结构冗余和不规则的XML数据库模式规范化设计的完全分解
    3. ISCAS-LCS-08-03:Yunhe Wang,Bo Jiang,Li Jiao,Property Checking for Unbounded Petri Nets Based on Improved Reachability Tree
    4. ISCAS-LCS-08-04:Yunmei Dong,Linear algorithm for Lexicographic Enumeration of CFG Parse Trees
    5. ISCAS-LCS-08-05:Wang Wencheng, Liu Feitong, Huang Peijie, Wu Enhua,Texture Synthesis via the Matching Compatibility between Patches
    6. ISCAS-LCS-08-06:APSEC 2008 Workshop Proceedings,AOAsia 4
    7. ISCAS-LCS-08-07:APSEC 2008 Workshop Proceedings,ATGSE 2008
    8. ISCAS-LCS-08-08:APSEC 2008 Workshop Proceedings,SPACE 2008
    9. ISCAS-LCS-08-09:Hong Pan,Yi Lv,Huimin Lin,Environment Abstraction with State Clustering for Parameterized Systems
    10. ISCAS-LCS-08-10:Haiming Chen, Derivatives and Automata of one-Unambiguous Regular Expressions
    11. ISCAS-LCS-08-11:Li Jiao,Refining and Verifying Regular Petri Nets
    12. ISCAS-LCS-08-12: Li Jiao, Hejiao Huang, TO-YAT CHEUNG,Handling Resource Sharing Problem Using Property-Preserving Place Fusions Of Petri Nets
    13. ISCAS-LCS-08-13:Naijun Zhan, Mila Majster-Cederbaum, On Hierarchically Developing Reactive Systems
    14. ISCAS-LCS-08-14:Bican Xia, Lu Yang, Naijun Zhan, Program Verification by Reduction to Semi-Algebraic Systems Solving
    15. ISCAS-LCS-08-15:Qiwen Xu, Naijun Zhan, Formalising Scheduling Theories in Duration Calculus
    16. ISCAS-LCS-08-16:Zhenbang Chen, Zhiming Liu; Anders P.Ravn b, Volker Stolz, Naijun Zhan, Refinement and Verification in Component-based Model Driven Design
    17. ISCAS-LCS-08-17:Bican Xia, Lu Yang, Naijun Zhan, Zhihai Zhang, Symbolic Decision Procedure for Termination of Linear Programs
    18. ISCAS-LCS-08-18:Naijun Zhan, Eun Young Kang, Zhiming Liu, Component Publications and Compositions
    19. ISCAS-LCS-08-19:Zhi-Yong Shen, Jun Sun, Yi-Dong Shen, Ming Li, R-Map: Mapping Categorical Data for Clustering and Visualization Based on Reference Sets
    20. ISCAS-LCS-08-20:Yidong Shen,Reasoning with Recursive Loops Under the PLP Framework
    21. ISCAS-LCS-08-21:Jun Sun,Zhiyong Shen,Hui Li,Yidong Shen,Clustering Via Local Regression
    22. ISCAS-LCS-08-22:Zhiyong Shen,Jun Sun,Hui Li,Yidong Shen,Collective Latent Dirichlet Allocation
    23. ISCAS-LCS-08-23:Bai Su, Yi-Dong Shen, Wei Xu,Modeling Concept Drift from The Perspective of Classifiers
    24. ISCAS-LCS-08-24:Jun Sun, Wenbo Zhao, Jiangwei Xue, Zhiyong Shen, Yidong Shen, Clustering with Feature Order Preferences
    25. ISCAS-LCS-08-25:Jianfeng Du,Guilin Qi, Yidong Shen, Lexicographical Inference over Inconsistent DL-Based ontologies
    26. ISCAS-LCS-08-26:Nengfa Zhou, Taisuke Sato, Yidong Shen, Linear tabling strategies and optimizations
    27. ISCAS-LCS-08-27:Jianfeng Du, Yidong Shen, Computing Minimum Cost Diagnoses to Repair Populated DL-based Ontologies
    28. ISCAS-LCS-08-28:Haiming Chen, Lei Chen, Inclusion Test Algorithms for One-Unambiguous Regular Expressions
    29. ISCAS-LCS-08-29:Haiming Chen, Mihai Ionescu, Tseren-Onolt Ishdorj,Andrei P¸aun, Gheorghe P¸aun, Mario J. Perez-Jimenez, Spiking Neural P Systems with Extended Rules: Universality and Languages
    30. ISCAS-LCS-08-30:Lei Chen, Haiming Chen, Efficient Type Checking for a Subclass of Regular Expression Types
    31. ISCAS-LCS-08-31:Yongjian Li,Design of a CIL Connector to SPIN
    32. ISCAS-LCS-08-32:Wei Chen, Wenhui Zhang, ADirect Construction of Polynomial-sizeOBDDProof of Pigeon Hole Problem
    33. ISCAS-LCS-08-33:Syed Asad Raza Kazmi, Compositional Reasoning in Intuitionistic Linear-time-Calculus
    34. ISCAS-LCS-08-34:Liang Xu, Wei Chen, Yanyan Xu, Wenhui Zhang, Improved Bounded Model Checking for the Universal Frag-ment of CTL
    35. ISCAS-LCS-08-35:Wenhui Zhang, Weak Bounded Semantics and Bounded Verifition of LTL Formulas