TR 2009

    1. ISCAS-LCS-09-01:Wenhui Zhang, Bounded Semantics of CTL and SAT-based Verification
    2. ISCAS-LCS-09-02:Xin Chen, Wencheng Wang, Texture Synthesis by Interspersing Patches in a Chessboard Pattern
    3. ISCAS-LCS-09-03:Teng Long, Wenhui Zhang, Auxiliary Constructs for Proving Liveness in Compassion Discrete Systems
    4. ISCAS-LCS-09-04:Miaomiao Zhang, Zhiming Liu, Naijun Zhan, Model Checking Linear Duration Invariants of Networks of Automata
    5. ISCAS-LCS-09-05:Dimitar P. Guelev, Naijun Zhan, On Satisfiability in the Modal Fixpoint Logic with Chop
    6. ISCAS-LCS-09-06:Qiwen Xu, Naijun Zhan, Rate Monotonic Scheduling Re-analysed
    7. ISCAS-LCS-09-07:Zizhen Wang, Hanpin Wang, Naijun Zhan, Refinement of Models of Software Components
    8. ISCAS-LCS-09-08:Bican Xia, Lu Yang, Naijun Zhan, Zhihai Zhang, Symbolic Decision Procedure for Termination of Linear Programs
    9. ISCAS-LCS-09-09:Lu Yang, Chaochen Zhou, Naijun Zhan, Bican Xia, Recent Advances in Program Verification Through Computer Algebra
    10. ISCAS-LCS-09-10:Xueyang Zhu, Retiming Multi-Rate DSP Algorithms to Meet Real-Time Requirement
    11. ISCAS-LCS-09-11:Haiming Chen, Derivatives of Regular Expressions