TR 2012

    1. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-01:Teng Long, Wenhui Zhang, Proving Liveness Property under Strengthened Compassion Requirements
    2. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-02:Linqing Tang, Zhilin Wu, Mingji Xia, Quantitative Reasoning of Opinions in Social Networks
    3. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-03:Zhilin Wu, Commutative Data Automata
    4. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-04:Jian Xu, Zhenyu Zhang, W.K.Chan, T. H. Tse, Shanping Li, A General Noise-Reduction Framework for Fault Localization of Java Programs
    5. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-05:Zhenyu Zhang,W. K. Chan,T. H. Tse, Fault Localization without Success Record: a Review and Proposal
    6. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-06:Bo Jiang, Zhenyu Zhang, W.K. Chan, T.H. Tse, Tsong Yueh Chen, How Well Does Test Case Prioritization Integrate with Statistical Fault Localization?
    7. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-07:Zhenyu Zhang, Factorizing the Multiple Fault Localization Problem
    8. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-08:Chang-ai Sun, Yimeng Zhai, Yan Shang, Zhenyu Zhang, Toward Effectively Locating Integration-Level Faults in BPEL Programs
    9. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-09:张云乾,郑征,季晓慧,张文博,张震宇, 基于类型预测的软件错误定位方法
    10. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-10:张云乾,张震宇,郑征, 基于马尔可夫模型的软件错误定位方法
    11. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-11:Yunqian Zhang, Zhenyu Zhang, Using Online Judge to Facilitate Software Fault Localization
    12. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-12:张云乾,陈林,张震宇, 基于对称分布假设的软件错误定位调优技术
    13. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-13:He Zhang, Bo Jiang, Zhenyu Zhang, Improving Test Case Prioritization by Suppressing Safe Test Cases
    14. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-14:Lei Zhao, Zhenyu Zhang, Lina Wang, Xiaodan Yin, A fault localization framework to alleviate the impact of execution similarity
    15. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-15:Yichao Gao, Zhenyu Zhang, Zheng Zheng, Benefiting from the Confounding of Imperfect Oracles Used in Fault Localization
    16. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-16:Ruzhen Dong, Johannes Faber, Zhiming Liu, Jiˇrí Srba, Naijun Zhan, Jiaqi Zhu, Unblockable Compositions of Software Components
    17. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-17:Quan Zu, Miaomiao Zhang, Jiaqi Zhu, Naijun Zhan, Bounded Model-checking of Discrete Duration Calculus
    18. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-18:Zhongxing Xu, Jian Zhang, Zhenbo Xu, A Tool for Checking Common Defects in C Code
    19. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-19:Zhenbo Xu, Jian Zhang, Zhongxing Xu, Melton: A Tool for Detecting Memory Leak in C Programs
    20. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-20:朱雪阳,张文辉,李广元,吕毅,林惠民, 模型检测研究进展
    21. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-21:Dimitar Guelev, Shuling Wang, Naijun Zhan, Compositional Hoare-style Reasoning about Hybrid CSP in the Duration Calculus
    22. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-22:Qin SHU, Zongyan QIU, Shuling WANG, Connement framework for encapsulating objects
    23. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-23:Liang Zhao, Shuling Wang, Zhiming Liu, Graph-Based Object-Oriented Hoare Logic
    24. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-24:Liang Zou, Jidong Lv, Shuling Wang, Naijun Zhan, Tao Tang, Lei Yuan, Yu Liu, Verifying Chinese Train Control System Under a Combined Scenario by Theorem Proving
    25. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-25:Yi Lv, Yan Zhou, Xiaochun Ye, Huimin Lin, PaMC: A Model Checker for Parameterized Systems
    26. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-26:Xiaoxiao Yang, Yu Zhang, Ming Fu, Xinyu Feng, A Concurrent Temporal Programming Model with Atomic Blocks (Extended Version)
    27. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-27:Yongjian Li, Naiju Zeng, William N. N. Hung, Xiaoyu Song, Combining Symmetry Reduction with Generalized Symbolic Trajectory Evaluation
    28. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-28:Yongjian Li, Jun Pang, Formalizing Provable Anonymity in Isabelle/HOL
    29. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-29:Yongjian Li, On the formal modeling of inductive verification for cryptographical protocols
    30. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-30:Kailiang Ji, Jianhua Gao, Ying Jiang, A Parameterized Sequent Calculus
    31. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-31:高建华,蒋颖, 基于共归纳的最小Kripke结构的求解
    32. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-32:Chih-Hong Cheng,Rongjie Yan,Harald Ruess,Saddek Bensale,Distributed Priority Synthesis using Knowledge
    33. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-33:Mengqi Liu, Jean-François Monin, Lifan Su, Rongjie Yan,BIP-oriented Certified Compiler
    34. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-34:Chih-Hong Cheng,Rongjie Yan,Saddek Bensalem,Harald Ruess,Distributed Priority Synthesis
    35. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-35:De Ma, Kai Huang, Rong-jie Yan, Min Yu, Hai-tong Ge, Xiao-lang Yan, Ahmed Amine JERRAYA, Performance Estimation Techniques with MPSoC Transaction-Accurate Model
    36. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-36:Hengjun Zhao, Naijun Zhan, Deepak Kapur, Kim G. Larsen, A “Hybrid” Approach for Synthesizing Optimal Controllers of Hybrid Systems: A Case Study of the Oil Pump Industrial Example
    37. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-37:JIANG LIU, NAIJUN ZHAN, HENGJUN ZHAO, Computing Semi-Algebraic Invariants for Polynomial Hybrid Systems
    38. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-38:高天豪,王文成,朱滨海, 基于凸片段分解和格网的点在多边形中的可见边检测
    39. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-39:王光伟,王文成,华淼,韩红雷, 优化光源设计的自适应增强绘制
    40. ISCAS-SKLCS-12-40:Haiming Chen, Ping Lu, Checking Determinism of Regular Expressions with Counting