TR 2017

ISCAS-SKLCS-1701 JumPatcher: A Lightweight Approach to Automated Repair of Condition Faults using Decision Trees Yuzhen Liu, Zhenyu Zhang, Jifeng Xuan, T. H. Tse
ISCAS-SKLCS-1702 A Theoretical Analysis on Cloning the Failed Test Cases to Improve Spectrum-based Fault Localization Long Zhang, Lanfei Yan, Zhenyu Zhang, Jian Zhang, W.K. Chan, Zheng Zheng
ISCAS-SKLCS-1703 Ensemble Search-Based Testing Xiong Xu, Ziming Zhu, Li Jiao
ISCAS-SKLCS-1704 Modeling and performance analysis for wireless network protocols: A colored Petri nets method Xiang Hu, Li Jiao
ISCAS-SKLCS-1705 The relation between the volume and the number of inner lattice points of a convex polytope Cunjing Ge, Feifei Ma, Jian Zhang
ISCAS-SKLCS-1706 Implementation and Effects of Fine-Grained Concurrency Xiaoxiao Yang
ISCAS-SKLCS-1707 Branching Bisimulation and Concurrent Object Verification Xiaoxiao Yang, Joost-Pieter Katoen, Huimin Lin, Gaoang Liu, Hao Wu