TR 2018

实验室编号 题  目 作  者
ISCAS-SKLCS-1801 Harvesting and analyzing large-scale real world data from the Web Y. Li, X. Chu and H. Chen
ISCAS-SKLCS-1802 Towards an Effective Syntax for Deterministic Regular Expressions Haiming Chen, Ping Lu, Zhiwu Xu
ISCAS-SKLCS-1803 一种针对列控系统安全性的测试案例生成方法 张龙、张东红、刘誉臻、张震宇、张健
ISCAS-SKLCS-1804 Bounded Linearizability on TSO is Decidable Chao Wang, Yi Lv, Peng Wu
ISCAS-SKLCS-1805 Efficient Retiming of Unfolded Synchronous Dataflow Graphs Xue-Yang Zhu