[07.05]-Trustworthy Cyber-Physical Systems: Dream or Reality?

Title:  Trustworthy Cyber-Physical Systems: Dream or Reality?

Speaker: Sergiy Bogomolov

Venue: Lecture Room of SKLCS, Building 5, Room 334

Time: 3:00pm, July 5th, Friday, 2019

Abstract: Cyber-physical systems (CPS) are networks of physical and digital

components and present a next generation of large-scale

highly-interconnected networked embedded systems. On the one hand, CPS

open enormous opportunities as they form the core of emerging smart

devices and services which are going to revolutionize many traditional

industries such as automotive, traffic management, power

generation and delivery, as well as manufacturing. On the other hand,

highly autonomous systems pose special engineering challenges as any

unexpected behaviour might lead to large financial losses or even

human deaths.

In this talk, we address this challenge and propose automatic

techniques to analyze CPS. For this purpose, we use the concept of

hybrid automata which has proven to be particularly useful to model

CPS. We give an overview of techniques to ensure efficient analysis of

hybrid automata. In particular, we present support-function based

representation of region state space and discuss ways to refine it.

Finally, we discuss the connection between verification and hybrid

planning, and use autonomous driving to showcase benefits their

interplay can result at.


Bio: Sergiy Bogomolov is on the faculty of the Research School of

Computer Science at the Australian National University. He is broadly

interested in algorithms and techniques to support design and

development workflow of trustworthy and resilient autonomous systems.

For this purpose, he uses and develops techniques on the interface of

hybrid automata verification and AI planning. Prior to joining ANU

Sergiy was Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute of Science and

Technology Austria. His Ph.D. and M.Sc. degrees are from the

University of Freiburg, Germany.