Name Title E-Mail Research Fields
Yunmei Dong Professor, Academician dym (at)
Chaochen Zhou Professor, Academician zcc (at)
Huimin Lin Professor, Academician lhm (at)
Georgios Barmpalias Professor barmpalias (at) Social Networks and Discrete Dynamical Systems, Algorithmic Information and Kolmogorov Complexity, Algorithmic and Computational Learning, Computability and Mathematical Logic
Shaowei Cai Professor caisw (at)
Yan Cai Professor yancai (at) Software Security Analysis, Program Analysis and Testing, Testing of Emerging Software
Jianwen Cao Professor jianwen (at)
Haiming Chen Professor chm (at) Software design and analysis methods, data and computation models
Hui Chen Professor chenhui (at) Human-Computer Interaction
Yanyun Chen Professor chenyy (at)
Zhiming Ding Professor zhiming (at) Database and Knowledge Base Systems, Data Science and Data Intelligence, Internet of Things Big Data Realtime Systems
Dengguo Feng Professor feng (at)
Xianpei Han Professor xianpei (at) Information Integration, Information Extraction/Knowledge Graph,Information Retrieval/QA
YePing He Professor yeping (at)
Tao Huang Professor huangtao (at)
Li Jiao Professor ljiao (at) Formal Methods, Applications and Theory of Concurrency
Beihong Jin Professor beihong (at) Mobile Computing, Pervasive Computing,Distributed Systems
Guangyuan Li Professor ligy (at)
Huiyuan Li Professor huiyuan (at) Parallel computing
Ling Li Professor liling (at) intelligent computing, video processing
Yucheng Li Professor yucheng (at)
Xinxin Liu Professor xinxin (at)
Feifei Ma Professor mafeifei (at) automated reasoning and constraint solving
Yidong Shen Professor ydshen (at) Association, Classification, Clustering, Relational Data Mining, Bayesian Networks, Semantic Web
Purui Su Professor purui (at) software security,vulnerability analysis and detection,network defence
Le Sun Professor sunle (at) Natural Language Understanding
Feng Tian Professor tianfeng (at)
Hongan Wang Professor hongan (at)
Qing Wang Professor wq (at) Intelligent Software Engineering
Wei Wang Professor wangwei (at) Distributed Computing, Software Engineering
Wencheng Wang Professor whn (at) Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality, Visual Analytics, Image Editing
Yongji Wang Professor ywang (at)
Jun Wei Professor weijun (at) Software Engineering and Distributed Computing
Enhua Wu Professor ehwu (at) Virtual Reality, Realistic Image Synthesis, Physically Based Simulation and Real Time Computation, Physically Based Modeling and Rendering, Processing & Modeling on Image and Video
Zhilin Wu Professor wuzl (at)
Wenling Wu Professor wwl (at)
Bin Wu Professor wubin (at)
Yanjun Wu Professor yanjun (at) Operating System and Security
Mingji Xia Professor xmj (at)
Jin Xu Professor xu_jin (at)
Jing Xu Professor xujing (at) applied cryptography, security protocol
Jun Yan Professor yanjun (at) Program Analysis and Software Testing
Naijun Zhan Professor znj (at)
Bin Zhang Professor zhangbin (at)
Jian Zhang Professor zj (at)
Lijun Zhang Professor zhanglj (at)
Wenhui Zhang Professor zwh (at)
Zhenfeng Zhang Professor zfzhang (at)
Chen Zhao Professor zhaochen (at)
Hua Zhong Professor zhonghua (at)
Dan Ye Professor yedan (at)
Fengjun Zhang Professor fengjun (at)
Wenbo Zhang Professor zhangwenbo (at) Distributed Computing
Min Zhang Professor mzhang (at)
Yang Zhang Professor zhangyang (at)
Wensheng Dou Associate Professor weisheng (at) Software engineering, program analysis
Xiangmin Fan Associate Professor Xiangmin (at) Human-Computer Interaction, Human-AI Collaboration
Xiaowei He Associate Professor xiaowei (at) Computer Graphics and Physics Simulation
Fei Hou Associate Professor houf (at) Computer Graphics
David Jansen Associate Professor dnjansen (at) Model based system development
Yongjian Li Associate Professor lyj238 (at)
Jie Liu Associate Professor ljie (at)
Xuehui Liu Associate Professor lxh (at)
Yi Lv Associate Professor lvy (at)
Yangjia Li Associate Professor yangjia (at)
Andrea Turrini Associate Professor turrini (at) formal analysis of processes involving probability and nondeterminism.
Junjie Wang Associate Professor junjie (at) Intelligence software engineering,Mining software repositories
Shuling Wang Associate Professor wangsl (at)
Tao Wang Associate Professor wangtao (at) Cloud Computing,Big Data Systems
Guoquan Wu Associate Professor gqwu (at)
Jingzheng Wu Associate Professor Jingzheng08 (at)
Peng Wu Associate Professor wp (at)
Bai Xue Associate Professor xuebai (at) Verification of Hybrid Systems and AI
Lijie Xu Associate Professor xulijie (at) Big data system, Distributed data analysis, Streaming machine learning
Shaofa Yang Associate Professor yangsf (at)
Shenggang Ying Associate Professor yingsg (at)
Bohua Zhan Associate Professor bzhan (at) Interactive Theorem Proving
Xiaoxiao Yang Associate Professor xxyang (at) programming language, formal methods, concurrent data structures and multiprogramming
Yu Zhang Associate Professor yzhang (at)
Zhenyu Zhang Associate Professor zhangzy (at) Software engineering (software testing and software debugging, in particular),Verification, Programming language,Wireless sensor networks (WSN), cloud computer, service computing
Jiaqi Zhu Associate Professor zhujq (at) Temporal pattern mining, anomaly detection
Fusang Zhang Associate Professor zhangfusang10 (at) Pervasive computing, Mobile computing, Intelligent Sensing
Rongjie Yan Associate Professor yrj (at)
Xueyang Zhu Associate Professor zxy (at) Design of Embedded Systems, Formal Methods
Shiteng Chen Assistant Professor chenst (at)
Jinkun Lin Assistant Professor linjk (at) NP hard problem solving, combinatorial optimization, search-based software engineering
Wei Zheng Assistant Professor zhengw (at)
Liming Li Assistant Professor lilm (at) formal verification method