报告人: Prof. Lee, Jimmy Ho Man (李浩文), the Chinese University of Hong Kong
地点:  Seminar Room (Room 334), Building 5, Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences
时间: 14:00, July 9th, Tuesday, 2019


这报告旨在汇报香港中文大学和澳洲墨尔本大学在合作发展计算机科学的“离散优化建模”慕课过程中所用的创新教学法和相关经验,概括而言,这个慕课的特点就是一个故事为本的学习模式,也就是把难题为本学习安放在连贯的故事情节内的形式。每一课的视频都是以基于中国经典小说“三国演义”制作的动画为开端,故事的主角会遇上难题,需要通过神仙赐赠的神奇法板,向两位现代教授寻求协助。这个崭新的教学法旨在提升学生的学习动机以及把学生放置在一个连贯的学习语境中,除了编写剧本、制作动画和把教材融入故事情节外,这项目的另一个挑战就是两所参予大学之间的遥远距离以及可能出现的文化差异。另外,所有教材都要制作成中文(普通话) 和英语版本以满足不同地域的学习需要。自2017年起,这幕课已反覆在Coursera上播出,我们会汇报一些统计数字和反应,也会详细讲解香港中文大学在翻转课堂的环境里采用网上教材的经验和初步观察。


Jimmy Lee received both his BMath (Hons) and MMath degrees at the University of Waterloo, and completed his doctoral studies at the University of Victoria.  Upon graduation, he joined The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), where he is now Assistant Dean (Education) in the Faculty of Engineering and Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.  His research focuses on the theory and practice of constraint satisfaction and optimization with applications in
scheduling, resource allocation, and combinatorial problems.  During 2017-18, Jimmy joined hand with Peter Stuckey to develop and launch a series of MOOCs on Coursera in both Chinese and English on modeling and solving discrete optimization problems using the Fantasy-based Learning approach, and received good feedbacks from the learners’ community.  Jimmy is a two-time recipient (2004 and 2015) of the CUHK Vice-Chancellor’s Exemplary Teaching Award and was bestowed in 2017 the CUHK University Education Award, the highest honour in education at CUHK.

Jimmy is an Associate Editor for the Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research and on the editorial boards of the Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, the Artificial Intelligence Review, and Research and Practice in Technology Enhanced Learning. He was on the editorial board of the CONSTRAINTS journal and of the Journal of Discrete Algorithms. He was a founding editor of the Constraint Programming News, an elected member of the Executive Committee of the Association for Constraint Programming during 2006-09, and the Secretary of the Association from 2006 to 2012. He is a Program Vice-Chair of the Sub-Conference on Learning Science and Computer-Assisted Collaborative Learning of GCCCE 2019, a Senior PC member of 28th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI 2019), and a PC member of the 25th International Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming (CP 2019).