Conference Paper

Conference,before 2008

    • 2007
    1. Yi Lv、Huimin Lin、Hong Pan:Computing Invariants for Parameter Abstraction,MEMOCODE2007,2007年5月
    2. Hao-da Huang、Yanyun Chen、Xing Tong、Wen-cheng Wang:Incremental Wavelet Importance Sampling for Direct IIIumination,VRST2007,2007年11月
    3. Yinghua Chen、Bican Xia、Lu Yang、Naijun Zhan、Chaochen Zhou:Discovering Non-linear Ranking Function by Solving Semi-algebraic Systems(Invited Talk),Theoretical Aspects of Computing-ICTAC 2007,2007年9月
    4. Yinghua Chen、Bican Xia、Lu Yang、Naijun Zhan:Generating Polynomial Invariants with DISCOVERER and QEPCAD,Formal Methods and Hybrid Real-Time Systems,2007年7月
    5. Yi-Dong Shen、Jia-Huai You:A Generalized Gelfond-Lifschitz Transformation for Logic Programs with Abstract Constraints ,Twenty-Second AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence,2007年7月
    6. Jia-Huai You、Li Yan Yuan、Guohua Liu、Yi-Dong Shen:Logic Programs with Abstract Constraints: Representaton , Disjunction and Complexities,Logic Programming and Nonmonotonic Reasoning,2007年5月
    7. Jianfeng Du、Yi-Dong Shen:Partitioning Sboxes Based on Converting DL to Plain Datalog,2007 International Workshop on Description Logics,2007年6月
    8. Xin Chen、Jifeng He、Zhiming Liu、Naijun Zhan:A Model of Component-Based Programming,International Symposium on FSEN2007,2007年4月
    9. Jin Yi、Wenhui Zhang:Efficient State Space Reduction for Automata by Fair Simulation,International Symposium on FSEN2007,2007年4月
    10. Wenhui Zhang:Model Checking with SAT-Based Characterization of ACTL Formulas,9th International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods,ICFEM2007,2007年11月
    11. Jin Yi、Wenhui Zhang:Enhancing Simulation for Checking Language Containment,4th International Conference TAMC2007,2007年5月
    12. Fei Pu、Wenhui Zhang:Parition Reinaement in Abstract Model Cheing,Theoretical Aspects of Software Engineering,2007年6月
    13. Zhilin Wu:On the Expressive Power of QLTL,Theoretical Aspects of Computing-ICTAC 2007,2007年9月
    14. Takashi Kitamura、Huimin Lin:Controlling Process Modularity in Mobile Computing,Theoretical Aspects of Computing-ICTAC 2007,2007年9月
    15. Xinxin Liu、Haiyan Chen:Deciding Weak Bisimilarity of Normed Context-Free Processes Using Tableau,Theoretical Aspects of Computing-ICTAC 2007,2007年9月
    16. Wenhui Zhang:SAT-Based Verification of LTL Formulas,Formal Methods : Applications and Technology,2007年8月
    17. Yanyan Xu、Wei Chen、Liang Xu、Wenhui Zhang:Evaluation of SAT-based Bounded Model Checking of ACTL Properties,TASE 2007,2007年6月
    18. Xiao Wei Huang、Li Jiao、Weiming Lu:A Semantic Preorder on Refinement and Fairness,TASE 2007,2007年6月
    19. Wenhui Zhang:Verification of ACTL Properties by Bounded Model Checking,Computer Aided Systems Theory-EUROCAST2007
    20. Xiaowei Huang、Li Jiao、Weiming Lu*:What Semantic Equivalences Are Suitable for Non-interference Properties in Computer Security,ICICS 2007,2007年12月
    21. Zhengfeng Ji、Jianxin Chen、Zhaohui Wei、Mingsheng Ying:The LU-LC Conjecture is False,The Eleventh Workshop on Quantum Information Processing,2007年12月
    22. Weiwei Lv、Xuehui Liu、Enhua Wu:EOF:Elliptical Occlusion Field for Real-time Soft Shadow Rendering in Animated Scenes,Symposium on Computer Animation2007
    23. Rongjie Yan、Guangyuan Li、Wenliang Zhang、Yunquan Peng:Improvements for the Symbolic Verification of Timed Automata,FORTE2007,2007年6月
    24. Xinxin Liu:Expansive-Bisimulation for Context-Free Processes,Formal Methods and Hybrid Real-Time Systems
    25. Sheng Liu、Jian Zhang、Binhai Zhu:Volume Computation Using a Direct Monte Carlo Method,COCOON2007,2007
    26. Matthew Flatt、Gang Yu、Robert Bruce Findler、Matthias Felleisen*:Adding Delimited and Composable Control to a Production Programming Environment,ICFP07,2007年1月
    27. Daguang Liu、Peng Wu、Huimin Lin:Symbolic Test Generation Using a Temporal Logic with Constrained Events,Formal Methods and Hybrid Real-Time Systems
    28. Yongjian Li、Jun Pang:Extending the Strand Space Method to Verify Kerberos V,Eighth International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing,Applications and Technologies,2007年12月
    29. Yongjian Li:Mechanized Proofs for the Parameter Abstraction and Guard Strengthening Principle in Parameterized Verification of Cache Coherence Protocols,Applied Computing 2007,2007年3月
    30. Shixue Zhang、Enhua Wu:Deforming Surface Simplification Based on Feature Preservation,ICEC2007
    31. Bin Sheng、Enhua Wu:Topology-Consistent Design for 3D Freeform Meshes with Harmonic Interpolation,ICEC2007
    32. Bin Sheng、Enhua Wu:Image-Based Model Reconstruction Using Textured Planes,the Fourth International Conference on Image and Graphics,2007年8月
    33. Bin Sheng、Enhua Wu:Progressive Deformation Based Approximation on Deforming Meshes,the Fourth International Conference on Image and Graphics,2007年8月
    34. Jinzhong Wu、Xuehui Liu、Enhua Wu:Mesh Deormation under Skeleton-Based Detail-Preservation,10th IEEE International Conference Computer-Aided Design and Computer Graphics,2007年10月
    35. Yuanting Gu、Enhua Wu:Feature Analysis and Texture Synthesis,10th IEEE International Conference Computer-Aided Design and Computer Graphics,2007年10月
    36. Ying Liu、Xuehui Liu、Enhua Wu:Variable Code-Mode Based Connectivity Compression for Triangular Meshes,10th IEEE International Conference Computer-Aided Design and Computer Graphics,2007年10月
    37. Qinghua Wu、Enhua Wu:Image Segmentation and Reconstruction Using Graph Cuts and Texton Mask,10th IEEE International Conference Computer-Aided Design and Computer Graphics,2007年10月
    38. Yanci Zhang、Hanqiu Sun、Enhua Wu:B-Spline Surfaces of Clustered Point Sets with Normal Maps,10th IEEE International Conference Computer-Aided Design and Computer Graphics,2007年10月
    39. Hongbin Zhu、Kai Bao、Xuehui Liu、Enhua Wu:Miscible Liquid-Llquid Interactions Based-on a Stabilized Two-Fluid LBM,Symposium on Computer Animation2007
    40. Hongbin Zhu、Kai Bao Enhua Wu:Stable and Efficient Miscible Liquid-liquid Interactions,VRST 2007,2007年11月
    41. Bin Sheng、Enhua Wu:Walking into Images:Virtual Plane Mosaics for Plenoptic Modeling,IEEE Virtual Reality 2007,2007年3月
    • 2006
    1. Jing Li,Yu Gu,Wei Zhang,赵葆华:MIMO Techniques in Cluster-Based Wireless Sensor Networks,International Workshop on Sensor Networks(IWSN2006),2006年1月
    2. 詹乃军:Connecting Algebraic and Logical Descriptions of Concurrent Systems,IEEE-ISoLA 2006,2006年11月
    3. 蒲飞,张文辉,王绍春:An Improved Case-Based Approach to LTL Model Checking,RISE 2005,2006年
    4. Weiya Yue,徐艳艳,Kaile Su:BDDRPA: An Efficient BDD-Based Incremental Heuristic Search Algorithm for Replanning,AI 2006,2006年
    5. 张文辉:SAT-Based Verification of LTL Formulas,FMICS 2006,2006年8月
    6. 蒲飞,张文辉:LTL Model Checking via Search Space Partition,QSIC 2006,2006年
    7. 王一平,王文成,吴恩华:Optimizing the Parameters for Patch-based Texture Synthesis, VRCIA 2006,2006年6月
    8. 蔡康颖,刘迎,王文成:Progressive Out-of-Core Compression Based on Multi-Level Adaptive Octree,VRCIA 2006,2006年6月
    9. 黄沛杰,王文成,杨刚,吴恩华:Traversal Field for Ray Tracing Dynamic Scenes,VRST 2006,2006年11月
    10. 陈海明,Tseren-Onolt Ishdorj,Gheorghe Paun:Computing Along the Axon,BIC-TA 2006,2006年9月
    11. 陈海明,董韫美:Towards Practical Computable Functions on Context-Free Languages,TAMC 2006,2006年5月
    12. 陈海明,Mihai Ionescu,Andrei Paun,Gheorghe Paun,Bianca Popa:On Trace Languages Generated by (small) Spiking Neural P Systems,Eighth International Workshop on Descriptional Complexity of Formal Systems,2006年6月
    13. 杨刚,孙汉秋,王文成,吴恩华:Interactive Fur Modeling Based on Hierarchical Texture Layers,VRCIA 2006,2006年6月
    14. 林羚,卢江,赵瑞莲:基于UML状态图的MM路径形式化表示及生成,CTC2006,2006年8月
    15. 吴鹏,林惠民:Model-Based Testing of Concurrent Programs with Predicate Sequencing Constraints,WSPC,2006年6月
    16. 严俊,张健:Backtracking Algorithms and Search Heuristics to Generate Test Suites for Combinatorial Testing,COMPSAC06,
    17. 刘生,张健:Retrieving and Matching RDF Graphs by Solving the Satisfiability Problem,WI 06
    18. 许中兴,张健:A Test Data Generation Tool for Unit Testing of C Programs,QSIC 2006
    19. 严俊,Zhongjie Li,Yuan Yuan,Wei Sun,张健:BPEL4WS Unit Testing : Test Case Generation Using a Concurrent Path Analysis Approach,ISSRE06
    20. 贾祥雪,张健:A Powerful Technique to Eliminate Isomorphism in Finite Model Search,IJCAR 2006,2006年8月
    21. 刘生,张健:Using Hajos Construction to Generate Hard Graph 3-Colorability Instances,AISC2006,2006年9月
    22. 严俊,张健,许中兴:Finding Relations Among Linear Constraints,AISC2006,2006年9月
    23. 吴恩华,朱红斌,刘学慧,柳有权:simulation of Fluid Dynamics and Interactions,International Conference CYBERWORLDS 2006,2006年11月
    24. 李勇坚,Jun Pang:Generalized Unsolicited Tests for Authentication Protocol Analysis,Seventh International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing Applications and Technologies,2006年12月
    25. 刘保全,吴恩华,刘学慧:Interactive Rendering Dynamic Caustics on GPU,CGI2006,
    26. Mingshu Li, Meng Huang, Fengdi Shu, Juan Li: A risk-driven method for eXtreme programming release planning. ICSE 2006: Shanghai, China
    27. Qing Wang, Nan Jiang, Lang Gou, Xia Liu, Mingshu Li, Yongji Wang: BSR: a statistic-based approach for establishing and refining software process performance baseline. ICSE 2006
    28. Nao Li, Mingshu Li, Qing Wang, Shuanzhu Du, “A Negotiation Model for the Process Agent in an Agent-Based Process-Centered Software Engineering Environment”, SEKE’06, San Francisco.California, 2006年7月
    29. Feng Yuan, Mingshu Li, Zhigang Wan, “SPEM2XPDL-Towards SPEM Model Enactment”, SERP’06, Las vegas.Nevada, 2006年6月
    30. Qing Wang, Junchao Xiao, Mingshu Li, M.Wasif Nisar, Rong Yuan, Lei Zhang, A Process-Agent Construction Method for Software Process Modeling in SoftPM, Software Process Workshop/Workshop on Software Process Simulation and Modeling (SPW/ProSim 2006), Shanghai, China, 2006年5月
    31. Mingshu Li, “Assessing 3-D Integrated Software Development Processes: A New Benchmark”,Software Process Workshop/Workshop on Software Process Simulation and Modeling (SPW/ProSim 2006) 2006年5月
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    36. 陆涵隽,姚继锋,张云泉:循环语句存取复杂性模型及其应用, 2006全国高性能计算学术年会,2006年10月
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    • 2005
    1. 吴鹏,Iterative Metamorphic Testing,COMPSAC 2005, 2005.7.26-28
    2. 李勇坚:The Inductive Approach to Strand Space theory,Formal Techniques for Networked and Distributed Systems-FORTE 2005,2005.1
    3. 吴鹏,张冬梅:Compositional Modelling and Verification of IPv6 Mobility,Formal Techniques for Networked and Distributed Systems-FORTE 2005,2005.1
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