Conference Paper

Conference 2008

  1. Li Jiao:A Method for Verifying Deadlock Freedom and Liveness of Petri Nets,2008 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems,2008年5月
  2. Xiaowei Huang、Li Jiao、Weiming Lu:Weak Parametric Failure Equivalences and Their Congruence Formats,14th Computing:The Australasian Theory Symposium,2008年1月
  3. Jun Sun、Zhiyong Shen、Hui Li、Yidong Shen:Clustering Via Local Regression, European conference,ECML PKDD2008,2008年9月
  4. Jun Sun、Wenbo Zhang、Jiangwei Xue、Zhiyong Shen、Yidong Shen:Clustering with Feature Order Preferences,10th Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Inteligence,2008年12月
  5. Zhiyong Shen、Jun Sun、Yidong Shen、Ming Li:R-Map:Mapping Categorical Data for Clustering and Visualization Based on Reference Sets,12th Pacific-Asia Conference,PAKDD,2008年5月
  6. Jianfeng Du、Guilin Qi、Yidong Shen:Lexicographical Inference over Inconsistent DL-Based Ontologics, Sencond International Conference,RR2008,2008年10月
  7. Zhiyong Shen、Jun Sun、Yidong Shen:Collective Latent Dirichlet Allocation,IEEE ICDM2008,2008年12月
  8. Jianfeng Du、Yidong Shen:Computing Minimum Cost Diagnoses to Repair Populated DL-based Ontologies,WWW2008,2008年4月
  9. Huimin Lin:Srratifying Winning Positions in Parity Games,29th International Conference,PETRI NETS2008,2008年6月
  10. Liang Xu:SMT-based Bounded Model Cheching for Real-time Systems,QSIC2008,2008年8月
  11. Zhongxing Xu、Jian Zhang:Path and Context Sensitive Inter-procedural Memory Leak Detection,QSIC2008,2008年8月
  12. Sergey Bereg、Minghui Jiang、Wencheng Wang、Boting Yang、Binhai Zhu:Simplifying 3D Polygonal Chains Under the Discrete Frechet Distance,LATIN2008: Theoretical Informatics,2008年4月
  13. Bican Xia、Lu Yang、Naijun Zhan:program Verification by Reduction to Semi-Algebraic Systems Solving,ISoLA2008
  14. Zhenbang Chen、Abdel hakim Hannousse、Dang Van Hung、Istvan Knoll、Xiaoshan Li、Zhiming Liu:Modelling with Relational Calculus of Object and Component Systems-rCOS,CoCoME
  15. Linyun Luo:Deciding Bisimilarity of Full BPA Processes Locally,ATVA2008,2008年10月
  16. Weiliang Meng、Bin sheng、Weiwei Lv、Enhua Wu:Differential Geometry Images:Remeshing and Morphing with Local Shape Preservation,The 16th pacific conference on Computer Graphics and Applications,2008年10月
  17. Angsheng Li、Mingji Xia:A Theory for Valiant’s matchcircuits,STACS2008,2008年2月
  18. Hongtao Huang:Detection of Disjunctive Normal Form Predicate in Distributed Systems,ICDCN2008,2008年1月
  19. Hongtao Huang:Detection of a Set of States in Distributed Systems,15th Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference,2008年12月
  20. Yuxiang Shi、Jun Yan、Zhongjie Li、Jun Zhu:Path -Based Verification for Composition of Semantic Web Services,the 23rd Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing,2008年3月
  21. Hui Ruan、Jian Zhang、Jun Yan:Test Data Generation for C programs with String-Handling Functions,TASE2008
  22. Feifei Ma、Jian Zhang:Computer Search for large Sets of Idempotent Quasigroups,ASCM2007,2008年12月
  23. Jian Zhang:Checking Inconsisitency of Rule Sets in Active Real-time Databases,HASE2008
  24. Feifei Ma、Jian Zhang:Finding Orthogonal Arrays Using Satisfiability Checkers and Symmetry Breaking Constraints,PRICAI2008
  25. Hongji Wang、Gang Yao、Xiaoxi Han:A New Concurrent Signature Scheme Based on the FAPKC3’s Signature Scheme, 2008ASID,2008年8月
  26. Hongji Wang、Gang Yao、Qingshan jiang:An Identity-Based Group key Agreement protocol from pairing,The Third International Conference on Availability,Reliability and Security
  27. Gang Yao、Hongji Wang、Qingshan Jiang:An Authenticated 3-Round Identity-Based Group Key Agreement Protocol,The Third International Conference on Availability,Reliability and Security
  28. Lei Chen、Haiming Chen:Efficient Type Checking for a Subclass of Regular Expression Types,The 9th International conference for Young Computer Scientists,2008年11月
  29. Haiming Chen、Lei chen:Inclusion Test Algorithms for One-Unambiguous Regular Expressions,ICTAC2008,2008年9月
  30. Takashi Kitamura、Huimin Lin:Specifying properties for modular pi-Calculus,TASE2008
  31. Chuanliang Xia:Property Preservation by Petri Net Synthesis in System Design,Information Technology and Environmental System Sciences2008
  32. Bai Su、Yidong Shen、Wei Xu:Modeling Concept Drift from The perspective of Classifiers,2008 International Conference on Cybernetics and Intelligent Systems,2008年9月