Conference Paper

Conference 2010

  1. Alessio Lomuscio, Ben Strulo, Nigel Walker, Peng Wu, Assume-Guarantee Reasoning with Local Specifications, ICFEM 2010, 11.16- 11.19
  2. Jiang Liu, Jidong Lv, Zhao Quan, Naijun Zhan, Hengjun Zhao, Chaochen Zhou, Liang Zou, A Calculus for Hybrid CSP, APLAS 2010, 11.28-12.1
  3. Zizhen Wang, Hanpin Wang, Naijun Zhan, Refinement of Models of Software Components, Symposium on Applied Computing 2010, 3.22-3.26
  4. Zhongxing Xu, Ted Kremenek, Jian Zhang, A Memory Model for Static Analysis of C Programs, ISoLA 2010, 10.18-10.21
  5. Yunhe Wang, Li Jiao, Canonical Transition Set Semantics for Petri Nets, 31st International Conference on Appliations and Theory of Petri Nets and Other Models of Concurrency, 6.21-6.25
  6. Yunhe Wang, Bo Jiang, Li Jiao, Property Checking for 1-place-unbounded Petri Nets, TASE 2010, 8.25-8.27
  7. Mingji Xia, Holographic Reduction: A Domain Changed Application and Its Partial Converse Theorems, ICALP 2010, 7.5-7.10
  8. Jianfeng Du, Yidong Shen, Guilin Qi, Decomposition-based Consistent Query Answering in Databases with Universal Constraints Under Cardinality-based Semantics, CiSE 2010, 12.10-12.12
  9. Jia Liu, Huimin Lin, A Complete Symbolic Bisimulation for Full Applied Pi Calculus, SOFSEM 2010, 1.23-1.29
  10. Jia Liu, Huimin Lin, Proof System for Applied Pi Calculus, TCS 2010, 9.20-9.23
  11. Zhiwu Xu, Lixiao Zheng, Haiming Chen, A Toolkit for Generating Sentences from Context-Free Grammars, SEFM 2010, 9.14-9.18
  12. Lei Chen, Haiming Chen, Subtyping Algorithm of Regular Tree Grammars with Disjoint Production Rules, ICTAC 2010, 9.1-9.3
  13. Zhiming Liu, Charles Morisset, Shuling Wang, A Graph-based Implementation for Mechanized Refinement Calculus of OO Programs, SBMF 2010, 11.10-11.12
  14. Zhiyong Shen, Liang Du, Xukun Shen, Yidong Shen, Interval-valued Matrix Factorization with Applications, ICDM 2010, 12.14-12.17
  15. Xuan Li, Yidong Shen, Liang Du, Chenyan Xiong, Exploiting Novelty,Coverage and Balance for Topic-Focused Multi-Document Summarization, CIKM 2010, 10.26-10.30
  16. Zhenyu Zhang, Zhongxing Xu, Zhifang Liu, Xiaopeng Gao, Macro-like Instrumentation Grammar for Boolean Expressions, CiSE 2010, 12.10-12.12
  17. W.K. Chan, Lijun Mei, Zhenyu Zhang, Xiaopeng Gao, A Community-Centric Model for Service Publication,Discovery,Selection,Binding,and Maintenance, SOSE 2010, 6.4-6.5
  18. Zhenyu Zhang, Zijian Tong, Xiaopeng Gao, Testing in parallel–A Need for Practical Regression Testing, ICSOFT 2010, 7.22-7.24
  19. Qiong Shi, Zhenyu Zhang, Zhifang Liu, Xiaopeng Gao, Enhance Fault Localization Using a 3D Surface Representation, Second International Conference on Computer Research and Development, 5.7-5.10
  20. Xueyang Zhu, Retiming Multi-Rate DSP Algorithms to Meet Real-Time Requirement, DATE 2010, 3.8-3.12
  21. 韩红雷, 王文成, 透视正确的线性插值纹理映射方法, CAD/CG’ 2010, 7.28-7.30
  22. Kangying Cai, Weiwei Li, Weiliang Meng, Wencheng Wang, Zhibo Chen, Xin Zheng, Robust Discovery of partial Rigid Symmetries on 3D Models, ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2010, 12.15-12.18
  23. Teng Long, Wenhui Zhang, Auxiliary Constructs for Proving Liveness in Compassion Discrete Systems, ATVA 2010, 12.21-12.24
  24. Shaochun Wang, Temporal Filter A Temporal Extension to Wireshark Display Filter, SEKE 2010,7.1-7.3
  25. Xiaoxiao Yang, Zhenhua Duan, Axiomatic Temporal Logic Programs Verification, TASE 2010, 8.25-8.27
  26. Baiqiang Chen, Jun Yan, Jian Zhang, Combinatorial Testing with Shielding Parameters, APSEC 2010, 11.30-12.3
  27. Xiangxue Jia, Runming Lu, Sheng Liu, Jian Zhang, Local Lemma: A New Strategy of Pruning in SAT Solvers 25th Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, SAC 2010, 3.22-3.26
  28. Angsheng Li, Peng Zhang, Unbalanced Graph Partitioning, ISAAC 2010, 7.25-7.30
  29. Meng Yang, Mengcheng Huang, Enhua Wu, Physically-based Tree Animation and Leaf Deformation Using CUDA in Realtime, DMDCM 2010, 12.18-12.20
  30. Meng Yang, Mengcheng Huang, Gang Yang, Enhua Wu, Physically-based Animation for Realistic Interactions between Tree Branches and Raindrops, VRST 2010, 11.22-11.24
  31. 杨猛, 吴恩华, 一种基于物理树木动态的GPU实时仿真技术, CIDE 2010, 10.14-10.16
  32. Dong Li, Youquan Li, Kai Bao, Enhua Wu, Real-time Shallow Water Simulation on Terrain, VRCAI 2010, 12.12-12.13
  33. Hongliang Liang, Qiuping Yi, Shuo Tian, Specifying and Building a Formal Secure Virtual Monitor Machine Prototype, IC-BNMT 2010, 10.26-10.28
  34. Xiulei Qin, Jun Wei, Hua Zhong, Tao Huang, A Two-Phase Approach to Subscription Subsumption Checking for Content-Based publish/Subscribe Systems, 24th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications(AINA2010), 4.20-4.23
  35. Xiongfei Luo, Feng Tian, Wei Liu, Dongxing Teng, Guozhong Dai, Hongan Wang, Visualizing Time-series Data in Processlines: Design and Evaluation of A Process Enterprise, 25th Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, 3.22-3.26
  36. Yingying Jiang, Feng Tian, Hongan Wang, Xiaolong Zhang, Xugang Wang, Guozhong Dai, Intelligent Understanding of Handwritten Geometry Theorem Proving, 14th ACM International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces, IUI 2010, 2.7-2.10
  37. Feng Tian, Fei Lv, Jingtao Wang, Hongan Wang, Wencan Luo, Mattew Kam, Vidya Setlur, Guozhong Dai, John Canny, Let’s Play Chinese Characters-mobile Learning Approaches via Culturally Inspired Group, 28th Annual CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 4.10-4.15
  38. Xiongfei Luo, Dongxing Teng, Feng Tian, Guozhong Dai, A Developing Framework for Interactive Temporal Data Visualization, The 3rd Visual Information Communication-International Symposium, VINCI 2010, 9.28-9.29
  39. Qiusong Yang, Mingshu Li, A Cut-off Approach for Bounded Verification of Parameterized Systems, ICSE 2010, 5.2-5.8
  40. Xiaofeng Liao, Yongji Wang, Liping Ding, Discovering Temporal Patterns from Images using Extended PLSA, ICMT 2010, 10.29-10.31
  41. Chao Yang, Yunquan Zhang, Ligang Li, Numerical Simulation of the Thermal Convection in the Earth’s Outer Core 2010, 12th IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications, 9.1-9.3
  42. Jing Wang, Yunquan Zhang, Xianyi Zhang, Xiangzheng Sun, Quanhu Sheng, QuantWiz: A Scalable Parallel Software Package for Label-free Protein Quantification, BIC-TA 2010, 9.8-9.10
  43. Liang Yuan, Yunquan Zhang, Xiangzheng Sun, Ting Wang, Optimizing Sparse Matrix Vector Multiplication Using Diagonal Storage Matrix Format 2010, 12th IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications, 9.1-9.3
  44. 费辉, 张云泉, 王可, 分子动力学模拟在OpenCL框架的GPU上的实现, HPC China 2010, 10.28-10.30
  45. 解庆春, 张云泉, 王可, 李炎, SIMD技术与向量数学库研究, HPC China 2010, 10.28-10.30
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  48. Yan Li, Yunquan Zhang, Ke Wang, Wenhua Guan, Heterogeneous Multi-core Parallel SGEMM Performance Testing and Analysis on Cell/B.E Processor, 2010 Fifth IEEE International Conference on Networking,Architecture,and Storage, 7.15-7.17
  49. Wang Lei, Zhang Yunquan, Zhang Xianyi, Liu Fangfang, Accelerating Linpack Performance with Mixed Precision Algorithm on CPU+GPGPU Heterogeneous Cluster, 2010 10th IEEE Internatinal Conference on Computer and Information Technology (CIT 2010), 6.29-7.1
  50. Yinglong Ma, Towards Stable Semantic Ontology Measurement, ISWC 2010, 11.7-11.11
  51. Jianfeng Du, Guilin Qi, Decomposition-Based Optimization for Debugging of Inconsistent OWL DL Ontologies, KSEM 2010, 9.1-9.3
  52. Yuxin Deng, Rob van Glabbeek, Characterising Probabilistic Processes Logically, LPAR 2010, 10.10-10.15
  53. Zhihong Deng, Xiaoran Xu, An Efficient Algorithm for Mining Erasable Itemsets, ADMA 2010, 11.19-11.21
  54. Zhonghui Wang, Zhihong Deng, Tag Recommendation Based on Bayesian Principle, ADMA 2010, 11.19-11.21