Conference Paper

Conference 2011

  1. 石琳,钟浩,谢涛,李明树,An Empirical Study on Evolution of API Documentation,FASE2011,2011.3.26-4.3
  2. 杨秋松,张备,翟健,李明树,Attacking Dimensionality Problem of Parameterized Systems via Bounded Reachability Graph,FSEN2011,2011.4.20-4.22
  3. 吴敬征,丁丽萍,王永吉,韩伟,A Practical Covert Channel Identification Approach in Source Code based on Directed Information Flow Graph,SSIRI2011,2011.6.27-6.29
  4. 吴敬征,丁丽萍,王永吉,韩伟,Identification and Evaluation of Sharing Memory Covert Timing Channel in Xen Virtual Machines,CLOUD 2011,7.4-7.9
  5. Xiaofeng Liao,Yongji Wang,Liping Ding,Secure Machine Learning, A Brief Overview,SSIRI2011,6.27-6.29
  6. Xiangzheng Sun,Yunquan Zhang,Ting Wang,Guoping Long,Xianyi Zhang,Yan Li,CRSD: Application Specific Auto-tuning of SpMV for Diagonal Sparse Matrices,Euro-Par 2011,
  7. Xiangzheng Sun,Yunquan Zhang,Ting Wang,Xianyi Zhang,Liang Yuan,Li Rao,Optimizing SpMV for Diagonal Sparse Matrices on GPU,The International Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP 2011),
  8. Ling Zhao,Guocheng An,Fengjun Zhang,Hongan Wang,Guozhong Dai,Scale Adaptation of Mean Shift Based on Graph Cuts Theory.,CAD/Graphics 2011,
  9. Fei Lv ,Feng Tian,Yingying Jiang,Xiang Cao,Wencan Luo,Guang Li,Guozhong Dai,Hongan Wang,ShadowStory: creative and collaborative digital storytelling inspired by cultural heritage. ,CHI 2011,
  10. Danli Wang,Cheng Zhang,Hongan WangT-Maze: a tangible programming tool for children.,IDC 2011,
  11. Kang Zhong,Feng Tian,Hongan Wang,Foot Menu: Using Heel Rotation Information for Menu Selection.,ISWC 2011,
  12. Cheng Zhang,Li Shen,Danli Wang,Feng Tian,Hongan Wang,CoolMag: a tangible interaction tool to customize instruments for children in music education. ,Ubicomp 2011,
  13. Yingying Jiang,Feng Tian,Xiaolong (Luke) Zhang,Guozhong Dai, Hongan Wang,Understanding, Manipulating and Searching Hand-Drawn Concept Maps.,ACM TIST(2011),
  14. Shi Jian, Qiao Ying, Wang Hongan,visualizing inference process of a rule engine,4th Visual Information Communication – International Symposium, VINCI 2011,8.4
  15. Zhong Kang, Kang Jinsheng, Qin Shengfeng, Wang Hongan,rapid 3d conceptual design based on hand gesture,3rd IEEE International Conference on Advanced Computer Control, ICACC 2011,
  16. Zhong Kang, Tian Feng,Wang Hongan,foot menu: using heel rotation information for menu selection,15th Annual International Symposium on Wearable Computers, ISWC 2011,
  17. Tian Feng, Cao Xiang, Lu Fei, Dai Guozhong,Zhang Xiaolong, Wang Hongan,empirical studies of pen tilting performance in pen-based user interfaces,4th Visual Information Communication – International Symposium, VINCI 2011,8.4
  18. Zhang Cheng, Shen Li,Wang Danli,Tian Feng, Wang Hongan,coolmag: a tangible interaction tool to customize instruments for children in music education,13th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing, UbiComp’11 and the Co-located Workshops,9月
  19. Zeng Zhirong, Wang Kun, Teng Dongxing, Wang Hongan, Dai Guozhong,a hyperbolic tree based interface for exploring massive files,4th Visual Information Communication – International Symposium, VINCI 2011,8.4
  20. Yongjian Li,Naiju Zeng,William N. N. Hung,Xiaoyu Song, Combining Theorem Proving and Symbolic Trajectory Evaluation in THM&STE,Haifa Verification Conference 2011,
  21. Qin Shu,Zongyan Qiu,Shuling Wang,A Confinement Framework for OO Programs,International Workshop on Aliasing, Confinement and Ownership in object-oriented programming (IWACO 2011),7.25-7.25
  22. Zhilin Wu,A Decidable Extension of Data Automata,International Symposium on Games, Automata, Logics and Formal Verification-GandALF 2011,6.15-6.17
  23. Saddek Bensalem,Lavindra De Silva,Andreas Griesmayer,Felix Ingrand,Axel Legay,Rongjie Yan,A Formal Approach for Incremental Construction with an Application to Autonomous Robotic Systems,SC2011,6.3-7.1
  24. Chih-Hong Cheng,Saddek Bensalem,Yu-Fang Chen,Rongjie Yan,Barbara Jobstmann,Harald Ruess,Christian Buckl,Alois knoll,Algorithms for Synthesizing Priorities in Component-based Systems,ATVA2011,10.11-10.14
  25. Yongjian Li,Jun Pang,An Inductive Approach to Provable Anonymity,Sixth International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security,8.22-8.26
  26. Chengling Fang,Jiang Liu,Guohua Wu,Cupping and diamond embeddings: a unifying approach,the 7th conference on Models of computation in context: computability in Europe,6.27-7.2
  27. Jiang Liu,Ming Xu,Naijun Zhan,Hengjun Zhao,Detecting Strong Nontermination of Multi-Path Polynomial Programs, Computer Mathematics 2011,11.25-11.28
  28. Yongjian Li, Naiju Zeng,William N. N. Hung,Xiaoyu Song,Enhanced Symbolic Simulation of a Round-Robin Arbiter,29th IEEE International Conference on Computer Design,10.9-10.12
  29. Yuanzhang Chang,Kai Bao,Jian Zhu,Enhua Wu,Granular Materials Animation Using Particle-Based Model,The 2011 Asian Conference on Design and Digital Engineering,8.27-8.29
  30. Zhenbo Xu,Jian Zhang,Zhongxing Xu,Memory Leak Detection Based on Memory StateTransition Graph,APSEC 2011,12.5-12.8
  31. Jianhua Gao ,Ying Jiang ,Model Checking: A Coalgebraic Approach,TASE,8.29-8.31
  32. Zhenyu Zhang,Bo Jiang,W. K. Chan,T. H. Tse,Precise Propagation of Fault-Failure Correlations in Program Flow Graphs,the 35th Annual IEEE International Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC 2011),7.18-7.22
  33. Xiaohui Bie,Haoda Huang,Wencheng Wang,Real time edit propagation by efficient sampling (见期刊论文23),The 19th Pacific Conference on Computer Graphics and Applications (Pacific Graphics’2011),9.21-9.23
  34. Giuseppe Castagna,Zhiwu Xu,Set-theoretic foundation of parametric polymorphism and subtyping,the 16th ACM SIGPLAN international conference on Functional programming (ICFP ’11),9.19-9.21
  35. Jian Xu,W. K. Chan,Zhenyu Zhang,T. H. Tse,A Dynamic Fault Localization Technique with Noise Reduction for Java Programs,the 11th International Conference on Quality Software (QSIC 2011),7.13-7.14
  36. H. Chen,P. Lu,Assisting the design of XML Schema: diagnosing nondeterministic content models,APWeb 2011,4.18-4.20
  37. Jiang Liu,Naijun Zhan,Hengjun Zhao,Automatically discovering relaxed Lyapunov functions for polynomial dynamical systems,Fourth International Conference on Mathematical Aspects of Computer and Information Sciences,10.19-10.22
  38. Angsheng Li,Yicheng Pan,Characterizations of Locally Testable Linear- and Affine-Invariant Families,COCOON,
  39. Jiang Liu,Naijun Zhan,Hengjun Zhao,Computing semi-algebraic invariants for polynomial dynamical systems,the 11th International Conference on Embedded Software, EMSOFT 2011, part of the Seventh Embedded Systems Week, ESWeek 2011,10.9-10.14
  40. Lixiao Zheng,Haiming Chen,Determinacy and Rewriting of Conjunctive Queries over Unary Database Schemas,the 26th ACM Symposium on Appied Computing (SAC),3.21-3.24
  41. Saddek Bensalem,Andreas Griesmayer,Axel Legay,Thanh-Hung Nguyen,Joseph Sifakis,Rongjie Yan,D-Finder 2: Towards Efficient Correctness of Incremental Design,NFM2011,4.18-4.2
  42. Guangwei Wang,Guofu Xie,Wencheng Wang,Efficient search of lightcuts by spatial clustering,The 4th ACM SIGGRAPH Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Asia (ACM Siggraph Asia 2011), Sketch,12.12-12.15
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  45. Yuanzhang Chang,Kai Bao,Jian Zhu,Enhua Wu,High Viscosity Fluid Simulation Using Particle-based Method,The 1st International Symposium on Virtual Reality innovations,3.19-3.20
  46. Chih-Hong Cheng,Saddek Bensalem,Barbara Jobstmann,Rongjie Yan,Alois Knoll,Harald Ruess,Model Construction and Priority Synthesis for Simple Interaction Systems,NFM2011,4.18-4.2
  47. Lei Zhao,Zhenyu Zhang,Lina Wang,Xiaodan Yin,PAFL: Fault Localization via Noise Reduction on Coverage Vector,the 23th International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering (SEKE 2011),7.7-7.9
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  49. Xiaoquan Wu,Zhongxing Xu,Jun Wei,Static Detection of Bugs Caused by Incorrect Exception Handling in Java,QSIC 2011,7.13-7.14
  50. Angsheng Li,Linqing Tang,The Complexity and Approximability of Minimum Contamination Problems,TAMC,
  51. Jianfeng Du,Guilin Qi,Yidong Shen,Jeff Z. Pan,Towards Practical ABox Abduction in Large OWL DL Ontologies,The 25th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-11),8.7-8.11
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