Technical Reports

TR 2010

  1. ISCAS-LCS-10-01:Wencheng Wang, Xin Chen,Synthesis of Large Textures with Partially Synthesized Textures Reused
  2. ISCAS-LCS-10-02:Xiaoxiao Yang, Zhenhua Duan, Qian Ma,Axiomatic Semantics of Projection Temporal Logic Programs
  3. ISCAS-LCS-10-03:Xiaoxiao Yang, Zhenhua Duan,Axiomatic Interval Temporal Logic Verification
  4. ISCAS-LCS-10-04:Zhenyu Zhang,Testing in Parallel,A Need for Practical Regression Testing
  5. ISCAS-LCS-10-05:Zhongxing Xu, Ted Kremenek, Jian Zhang,A Memory Model for Static Analysis of C Programs
  6. ISCAS-LCS-10-06:Mingji Xia,Holographic reduction: a domain changed application and its partial converse theorems
  7. ISCAS-LCS-10-07:Naijun Zhan,Connection Between Logical and Algebraical Approaches to Concurrent Systems
  8. ISCAS-LCS-10-08:Yunhe Wang, Li Jiao,Canonical Transition Set Semantics for Petri Nets
  9. ISCAS-LCS-10-09:Zhenyu Zhang, Zhongxin Xu,Macro-like Instrumentation Grammar for Boolean Expressions
  10. ISCAS-LCS-10-10:Yunhe Wang, Li Jiao,Apply Canonical Transition Set Semantics to Bounded Model Checking
  11. ISCAS-LCS-10-11:Haiming Chen,Finite Automata of Expressions in the Case of Star Normal Form and One-Unambiguity
  12. ISCAS-LCS-10-12:Zhiwu Xu, Lixiao Zheng and Haiming Chen,A Toolkit for Generating Sentences from Context-Free Grammars
  13. ISCAS-LCS-10-13:Runming Lu, Sheng Liu and Jian Zhang,Searching for Doubly Self-Orthogonal Latin Squares
  14. ISCAS-LCS-10-14:Yidong Shen, Jiahuai You, Kewen Wang,A Default Semantics for Logic Programs with Abstract Constraints and its Application to the Semantic Web
  15. ISCAS-LCS-10-15:Jiang Liu, Naijun Zhan, Hengjun Zhao,A Complete Method for Generating Polynomial Differential Invariants
  16. ISCAS-LCS-10-16:Wenhui Zhang,Bounded Semantics of CTL
  17. ISCAS-LCS-10-17:Liu Jiang, Lv Jidong, Quan Zhao, Zhan Naijun,Zhao Hengjun, Zhou Chaochen, Zou Liang,A Calculus for Hybrid CSP
  18. ISCAS-LCS-10-18:Baiqiang Chen, Jian Zhang,Evaluation and Optimization of Test Suites in Combinatorial Testing
  19. ISCAS-LCS-10-19:Xiaoxiao Yang,Probabilistic Model Checking on Propositional Projection Temporal Logic
  20. ISCAS-LCS-10-20:Guangyuan Li,Model Checking Time-Constraint LTL Properties for Timed Automata
  21. ISCAS-LCS-10-21:Zhiming Liu, Martin Schaf, Naijun Zhan, Jiaqi Zhu,Composable Automata for Component Interfaces
  22. ISCAS-LCS-10-22:Jiang Liu, Naijun Zhan, Hengjun Zhao,Automatically Discovering Relaxed Lyapunov Functions for Algebraic Dynamical Systems
  23. ISCAS-LCS-10-23:Gilles Dowek, Ying Jiang,On the Expressive Power of Schemes
  24. ISCAS-LCS-10-24:Wenhui Zhang,Ternary Boolean Diagrams
  25. ISCAS-LCS-10-25:Yongjian Li, Jun Pang,Extending the Strand Space Method with Timestamps: Part II Application to Kerberos V
  26. ISCAS-LCS-10-26:Yongjian Li, Jun Pang,Extending the Strand Space Method with Timestamps: Part I the Theory
  27. ISCAS-LCS-10-27:Yongjian Li, William N. N. Hung,Xiaoyu Song, Naiju Zeng,Exploring Structural Symmetry Automatically in Symbolic Trajectory Evaluation
  28. ISCAS-LCS-10-28:Jia Liu, Huimin Lin,Proof System for Applied Pi Calculus
  29. ISCAS-LCS-10-29:Jia Liu, Huimin Lin,A Complete Symbolic Bisimulation for Full Applied Pi Calculus