Technical Reports

TR 2013

  1. ISCAS-SKLCS-13-01:Dimitar Guelev, Shuling Wang, Naijun Zhan,Hoare-style Reasoning about Hybrid CSP in the Duration Calculus
  2. ISCAS-SKLCS-13-02:Naijun Zhan, Shuling Wang, Dimitar Guelev,Extending Hoare Logic to Hybrid Systems
  3. ISCAS-SKLCS-13-03:Ruzhen Dong, Naijun Zhan, Liang Zhao,Interface of Software Components with Internal Behaviors
  4. ISCAS-SKLCS-13-04:Liang Zou, Naijun Zhan, Martin Fränzle, Shengchao Qin,Verifying Simulink Diagrams Via A Hybrid Hoare Logic Prover
  5. ISCAS-SKLCS-13-05:Yang Gao, Ernst Moritz Hahn, Naijun Zhan, Lijun Zhang,A CSL Model Checker for Continuous-Time Markov Chains
  6. ISCAS-SKLCS-13-06:Ying Jiang, Jianhua Gao, Wenhui Zhang,Model Checking via Coinductive Provability
  7. ISCAS-SKLCS-13-07:Liang Zou, Naijun Zhan, Shuling Wang, Martin Franzle,Formal Verification of Simulink/Stateflow Diagrams
  8. ISCAS-SKLCS-13-08:Yi Lv, Luming Sun, Xiaochun Ye, Dongrui Fan, Peng Wu,Complete Memory Consistency Verification for Lock-based Memory Models
  9. ISCAS-SKLCS-13-09:Zhilin Wu,Regular path queries on graphs with data: A rigid approach
  10. ISCAS-SKLCS-13-10:Miao Hua, Xiaohui Bie, Wencheng Wang,Contrast Based Saliency Detection Using Representative Background Priors
  11. ISCAS-SKLCS-13-11:Weifeng Wang, Li Jiao,Trace Abstraction Refinement for Timed Automata Safety Checking
  12. ISCAS-SKLCS-13-12:Xueyang Zhu, Marc Geilen, Twan Basten, Sander Stuijk,Memory-Constrained Static Rate-Optimal Scheduling of Synchronous Dataflow Graphs via Retiming
  13. ISCAS-SKLCS-13-13:Rongjie Yan, Yesheng Chai, Chih-Hong Cheng,Formal Consistency Checking over Sp ecifications in Natural Languages
  14. ISCAS-SKLCS-13-14:Kai Huang, Min Yu, Rongjie Yan, Xiaomeng Zhang, Xiaolang Yan, Lisane Brisolara, Ahmed amine Jerraya, Jiong Feng,Communication Optimizations for Multithreaded Code Generation from Simulink Models
  15. ISCAS-SKLCS-13-15:Rongjie Yan, Min Yu, Kai Huang, Xiaomeng Zhang,Communication-oriented Performance Optimization during Co de Generation from Simulink Mo dels
  16. ISCAS-SKLCS-13-16:朱雪阳,基于形式化模型的性能分析 (FMPA)方法及工具设计概述