Technical Reports

TR 2016

  1. ISCAS-SKLCS-1601 Decomposable Relaxation for Concurrent Data Structures Chao Wang, Yi Lv, and Peng Wu
  2. ISCAS-SKLCS-1602 Reachability Tree Representation of Unbounded Petri Nets Based on Semilinear Sets Xiong Xu, Li Jiao
  3. ISCAS-SKLCS-1603 A hybrid algorithm for multi-objective mapping and scheduling optimization of MPSoCs Rongjie Yan, Yupeng #Zhou, Yige Yan, Minghao Yin Min Yu, Feifei Ma, Kai Huang
  4. ISCAS-SKLCS-1604 A Three-Layered Formal MPSoC System Model with Realizability Analysis Rongjie Yan, Kai Huang, Xiaomeng Zhang
  5. ISCAS-SKLCS-1605 A Fully Abstract Semantics for
  6. Value-passing CCS for Trees Shichao Liu, Thomas Ehrhard, Ying Jiang
  7. ISCAS-SKLCS-1606 Automatic localization of linearizability faults Yang Chen, Yu Zhang, Zhenya Zhang
  8. ISCAS-SKLCS-1607 软件与网络安全研究综述 刘剑, 苏璞睿, 杨珉, 和亮, 张源, 朱雪阳, 林惠民