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Yan Cai
Yan Cai (蔡彦)
PhD (CityU), BEng (SDU)

State Key Laboratory of Computer Science
Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Beijing, China.


Email: ycai.mail _A_T_

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I am interested in concurrency bugs in large-scale multithreaded programs, such as:

These two papers present an overview on part of my previous work: ECOOP 2012 DS (presented at ECOOP 2012 Doctoral Symposium) and TSETH 2013 (including some ideas on implementation of my research tools and some demo screenshots) .

Some of my Research Tools are available. If you are interested in my research and my research tools, please feel free to contact me.

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  • Journals: IEEE TSE, IEEE TC, IEEE TSC, IEEE TR, JSS, The Compute Journal, Computer Languages, Systems and Structures ...
  • Conferences: ICSE 2015, FSE 2014, COMPSAC 2015/2016/2017, QSIC 2013, ICSOC 2013, ICWS 2015/2012/2011, ICEBE 2011, APSEC 2011 ...
  • Keynote Speaker, IEEE TrustSoft 2016
  • Student Volunteer of ACM PLDI 2012 and ECOOP 2012, Beijing, China
  • Helper of IEEE APSEC 2012, Hong Kong, China
Journal Papers
  1. Bian Pan, Liang Bin, Zhang Yan, Yang Chaoqun, Shi Wenchang, and Yan Cai. Detecting Bugs by Discovering Expectations and Their Violations. IEEE TSE, 2018. Accepted.    
  2. Yan Cai and Qiong Lu. Dynamic Testing for Deadlocks via Constraints. IEEE TSE, 2016.     
  3. Changjiang Jia, Yan Cai, Y.T. Yu, and T.H. Tse. 5W+1H pattern: A perspective of systematic mapping studies and a case study on cloud software testing. JSS, 2016.     
  4. Yan Cai, Changjiang Jia, Shangru Wu, Ke Zhai, and W.K. Chan. ASN: A Dynamic Barrier-based Approach to Confirmation of Deadlocks from Warnings for Large-Scale Multithreaded Programs. IEEE TPDS, 2015.     
  5. Yan Cai and W.K. Chan. Magiclock: Scalable Detection of Potential Deadlocks in Large-Scale Multithreaded Programs. IEEE TSE, 2014.     
  6. Lijun Mei, Yan Cai, Changjiang Jia, Bo Jiang, W.K. Chan, Zhenyu Zhang, and T.H. Tse. A Subsumption Hierarchy of Test Case Prioritization for Composite Services. IEEE TSC, 2015.     
  7. Yan Cai and W.K. Chan. Lock Trace Reduction for Multithreaded Programs. IEEE TPDS, 2013.     
  8. Lijun Mei, Yan Cai, Changjiang Jia, Bo Jiang, and W.K. Chan. Test Pair Selection for Test Case Prioritization in Regression Testing for WS-BPEL Programs. IJWSR, 2013.      
  9. W.K. Chan and Yan Cai. In Quest of the Science in Statistical Fault Localization. SPE, 2013.     
Conference Papers ( § indicates Co-First Author)
  1. NEW   Yan Cai, Biyun Zhu, Ruijie Meng, Hao Yun, Liang He, Purui Su, and Bin Liang. Detecting Concurrency Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities. ESEC/FSE'19, accepted, 2019.  
  2. Pan Bian, Bin Liang, Wenchang Shi, Jianjun Huang, and Yan Cai. NAR-Miner: Discovering Negative Association Rules from Code for Bug Detection. ESEC/FSE'18, 2018.    
  3. Jing Zhao, G.R Ning, H.L Lu, Y.B Wang, Yan Cai, and Jian Zhang. A Weight-based Approach to Combinatorial Test Generation. ICSE'18 (Poster), 2018.    
  4. Jinpeng Zhou, Sam Silvestro, Hongyu Liu, Yan Cai, and Tongping Liu. UnDead: Detecting and Tolerating Deadlocks in Production Software. ASE'17, 2017.    
  5. Liang He, Yan Cai, Hong Hu, Purui Su, Zhenkai Liang, Yi Yang, Huafeng Huang, Jia Yan, Xiangkun Jia, and Dengguo Feng. Automatically Assessing Crashes from Heap Overflows. ASE'17, 2017.    
  6. Yan Cai, Lingwei Cao, and Jing Zhao. Adaptively Generating High Quality Fixes for Atomicity Violations . ESEC/FSE'17, 2017.    
  7. Yu Guo§, Yan Cai§, and Zijiang Yang. AtexRace: Across Thread and Execution Sampling for In-house Race Detection. ESEC/FSE'17, 2017.    
  8. Yan Cai, Jian Zhang, Lingwei Cao, and Jian Liu. (CRSampler) A Deployable Sampling Strategy for Data Race Detection. FSE'16, 2016.        
  9. Yan Cai and Zijiang Yang. (RPro) Radius Aware Probabilistic Testing of Deadlocks with Guarantees. ASE'16, 2016.          
  10. Yan Cai and Lingwei Cao. (DFixer) Fixing Deadlocks via Lock Pre-Acquisitions. ICSE'16, 2016.          
  11. Bin Liang, Pan Bian, Yan Zhang, Wenchang Shi, Wei You, and Yan Cai. AntMiner: Mining More Bugs by Reducing Noise Interference. ICSE'16, 2016.        
  12. Yan Cai and Lingwei Cao. (DrFinder) Effective and Precise Dynamic Detection of Hidden Races for Java Programs. ESEC/FSE'15, 2015.      
  13. Yan Cai, Shangru Wu, and W.K. Chan. ConLock: A Constraint-based Approach to Dynamic Checking on Deadlocks in Multithreaded Programs. ICSE'14, 2014.      
  14. Yan Cai, W.K. Chan, and Y.T. Yu. Taming Deadlocks in Multithreaded Programs. The Symposium on Engineering Test Harness 2013 (TSETH'13). QSIC'13, 2013.      
  15. Lijun Mei, Yan Cai, Changjiang Jia, Bo Jiang, and W.K. Chan. Prioritizing Structurally Complex Test Pairs for Validating WS-BPEL Evolutions. ICWS'13, 2013.      
  16. Yan Cai, Zhai Ke, Shangru Wu, and W.K. Chan. TeamWork: Synchronizing Threads Globally to Detect Real Deadlocks for Multithreaded Programs. PPoPP'13, poster paper, 2013.      
  17. Yan Cai and W.K. Chan. MagicFuzzer: Scalable Deadlock Detection for Large-Scale Applications. ICSE'12, 2012.      
  18. Yan Cai and W.K. Chan. LOFT: Redundant Synchronization Event Removal for Data Race Detection. ISSRE'11, 2011.      
Papers in Chinese
  1. 张健, 张超,玄跻峰, 熊英飞, 王千祥, 梁彬, 李炼, 窦文生, 陈振邦, 陈立前, 蔡彦. Recent Progress in Program Analysis (程序分析研究进展). JOS, 2019.      
  • Biyun Zhu (2016)
  • Haicheng Li (2016)
  • Ruijie Meng (2017)
  • Hao Yun (2018)
  • Lingwei Cao (2015-2018), Master Student, First Job: Alibaba (阿里巴巴)
    • 2018: 北京市优秀毕业生,中国科学院大学优秀毕业生,中国科学院院长奖学金(院长优秀奖学金)
    • 2017: 国家奖学金, ACM SIGSOFT CAPS funds (1250 USD)
    • 2016: ACM SIGSOFT CAPS funds (1000 USD)
    • 2016-2017: 中国科学院大学学业奖学金一等奖、三好学生, 计算机科学国家重点实验室绩效奖学金一等奖
    • 2015-2016: 中国科学院大学学业奖学金二等奖, 计算机科学国家重点实验室绩效奖学金一等奖
Honors, Awards, and Grants (Selected)
  • 2018, CCF NASAC-Neusoft Youth Software Innovation Award (CCF NASAC-东软 青年软件创新奖), CCF TCSE and CCF TCSS
  • 2018, Excellent Advisor Award (优秀导师), ISCAS (中国科学院软件研究所).
  • 2017, Young Elite Scientists Sponsorship Program (青年人才托举工程), CAST (China Association for Science and Technology) and CCF (China Computer Federation).
  • 2016, Excellent Young AE Award, Frontiers of Computer Science.
  • 2014, ACM SIGSOFT CAPS Travel Award for travel to ICSE'14. Amount: 675 USD.
  • 2013, Research Tuition Scholarship for Research Student, City University of Hong Kong.
  • 2013, Outstanding Academic Performance Award for Research Student, City University of Hong Kong.
  • 2012, Conference Grant for travel to ICSE'12, City University of Hong Kong, Amount: 10,000 HKD.
  • 2011, Conference Grant for travel to ISSRE'11, City University of Hong Kong, Amount: 8,971.33 HKD.
  • 2009, Literary and Art Activities Individual Scholarship, Shandong University, China. Amount: 1,000 RMB.
  • 2008, National Inspirational Scholarship, Shandong University. Amount: 5,000 RMB.
  • 2008, First Class Scholarship and Merit Student, Shandong University. Amount: 3,000 RMB.
  • 2008, Third Class Award in The National College Students Language Basic Skills Competition, MOE of China.
  • 2007, National Inspirational Scholarship, Shandong University. Amount: 5,000 RMB.
  • 2007, Second Class Scholarship, Shandong University. Amount: 2,000 RMB.
Teaching Experience @CityU.CS
  • Computer Networks, Software Design, Software Engineering Practice, Software Testing and Maintenance.